22 Sep 2022 – 3 Oct 2022

Back to Moore. Forte Belvedere 1972

Curated by

Sergio Risaliti

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22September 2022


3October 2022

One of the most important exhibitions of the twentieth century relives in Florence, inside the Sala d’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio. From 22 September to 3 October 2022, the exhibition Back to Moore. Forte Belvedere 1972 presents a selection of historical images from the personal archives of many of those who, from all over Italy, visited the famous Henry Moore exhibition at Forte Belvedere in 1972.

A project conceived by Sergio Risaliti, which offers a collection of memories of 100 participants collected by the Museo Novecento through a contest launched in local newspapers and continued on social channels, which will allow you to relive that event so emblematic for the city of Florence, for the art and for the community.

It was May 20, 1972 when the great Henry Moore exhibition in Florence was inaugurated. There were many who crowded the stands of the Forte di Belvedere and the halls of the Palazzina during the summer months, braving the sun. Over 345 thousand people. A truly exorbitant number. There was Princess Margaret of England, accompanied by her husband, Lord Snowdon, there were Giovanni Leone, sixth President of the Italian Republic, Edward Heath, then British Prime Minister, and of course the artist, Henry Moore, who had followed person the preparation of his monumental sculptures on the terraces overlooking Florence. Today, fifty years after that historic event that marked the memory of Florentines and Italians in general, the images collected are on display in the Sala d’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio, thanks to all those who during the pandemic drew on their personal archives helping the Museo Novecento to give life to this exceptional exhibition. An immersive event that, through the reconstruction of a memory archive, will restore the emotions and sensations of fifty years ago to visitors. As in a film, it will be possible to retrace the habits and customs of an era through the images collected, through the behaviors, attitudes, fashion and above all the special relationship established with the sculptures that dominated the ramparts of Forte Belvedere, mirror of a Italy of good hopes and good manners.

Ph credits cover image: Henry Moore al Forte di Belvedere, 1972. Ph. credits Roberta Resi e Luigi Ronconi


Henry Moore

Castleford 1898 – Perry Green 1986

Artistic Direction

Sergio Risaliti

Scientific Coordination

Eva Francioli

Francesca Neri

Stefania Rispoli


Jacopo Manara

Ilaria Nerli


Costanza Savelloni

Elisa Di Lupo

Comune di Firenze

Lara Facco

Lara Facco P&C


Giulia Spissu

Visual Identity

Archea Associati

Ph Credits

Serge Domingie