20 February 2023

Labirinto900: the new podcast of the Museo Novecento

On the occasion of the exhibition of Y.Z. Kami Light, Gaze, Presence, the Museo Novecento is launching its first podcast series, Labirinto900, curated by singer-songwriter Letizia Fuochi.

The Labyrinth-a symbol of bewilderment and complicated situations-represents an allegory of the complexity of the world whose comprehensibility cannot be grasped through reason alone,” says Letizia Fuochi. According to Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, the tortuosity of the path symbolically refers to our rational inability to fully understand its own meaning, since the very nature of the labyrinth hides more complex and profound contents. Labirinto900 is the podcast of Museo Novecento, a space laboratory place of art creativity beauty and memory.

The first episode is dedicated to Y.Z. Kami: L’invisibile silenzio della luce (The Invisible Silence of Light) will be available soon on MUS.E’s Spotify channel. Listen to it here