17 March 2020

The museum with you #closemuseumsopenmuseums

What are the interests and tastes of a collector like Alberto della Ragione?What are the themes, the subjects, the styles that have guided his choices as a courageous patron?

The museum public will be guided on a virtual visit to the rooms of the museum’s permanent collection to discover recurring themes, subjects and motifs within Della Ragione’s collection and in the history of Italian art of the twentieth century.

1 – Introduction | Sergio Risaliti

Together with our Director we are ready to enter in your homes with the Art of the twentieth century.

2 – The artist and his world | Sergio Risaliti

A first step in the private collection of Alberto della Ragione, a refined collector who focused above all on young experimentalists neglected by the market and by official critics, giving life to one of the largest collections of contemporary Italian art.

3 – The landscape | Sergio Risaliti

In the section of the Alberto della Ragione Collection dedicated to the theme of the Landscape, one of the largest spaces in our permanent collection.