18 Sep 2015

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18September 2015



Museo Novecento

Friday 18 September at 6.00p.m –  Presentation of the collection of 466 small-format works from the Carlo Palli Archive. The event follows the publication of the volume VITAMINS. ENERGY TABLETS edited by Laura Monaldi

A collection of 466 works by artists and beyond, which give a wide overview that moves from the figurative to the abstract, from photography to sculptural assembly, from architecture to music, from multimedia techniques to real sculpture.

The collection combines emerging artists with others already historicized, highlighting some of the international trends of contemporary art. They are also joined by the contributions of musicians, performers, curators, directors of museums and other characters, all gathered thanks to the intellectual and cultural momentum of the collector Carlo Palli. “I liked the idea of involving friends and acquaintances in this venture” says Palli “giving everyone the opportunity to participate alongside great artists of international fame, a bit like Mail Art”. “I had started this operation almost as a hobby, then instead, as always happens to me, the thing involved me completely. Not only did I collect the works directly from the artists (the vast majority) but, rummaging through the archive, they came out small artifacts on paper that had been catalogued as documentation or others that had been purchased in the past in various auctions such as those of Gilbert & George, Cindy Sherman, Christo & Jean-Claude, Joseph Beuys”.

The works presented at the Museo Novecento represent the first installment of this collection still in the making that will be presented in the coming months in other Italian Museums and Institutions (11 October 2015 Viareggio-Gamc; 8 November 2015 Rovereto – Mart; 13 December 2015 Prato – Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci; 26 June 2016 Carmignano – Spazio d’Arte Alberto Moretti /Schema Polis)

Performance’s program:

Mauro Dal Fior, Tribute to two Florentine friends

Giancarlo Cardini, Via Del Fico, Florence. A small unadorned street, silent, almost still, arid and beautiful

Daniele Lombardi, In the darkness of Hades ruinous

Paolo Albani, Homage to the way of Toti Scialoja

Luisa Cortesi, A Song

Duccio Ceccanti, Fabio Vacchi, Breathing

Marion D’Amburgo, Reading with excerpts from Jolanda Insana and Cristina Campo

Buffet and wine tasting offered by Lodovichi Receptions, Associazione Italiana Sommelier Toscana, Consorzio Vini Carmignano, Acqua di Toscana

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