27 Jan 2023

Special tours for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

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27January 2023



On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Museo Novecento offers a special program of thematic visits organized by MUS.E which accompany the many initiatives and celebrations of the day, bearing witness to a painful historical past, a warning for future generations.

At 4 and 5 pm at the Museo Novecento it will be possible to take part in two thematic visits centered on the museum’s permanent collection. In particular, the itinerary will focus on some artists present in the collection – involved in the persecutions or active against the horrors of the period, such as Mario Mafai, Carlo Levi and Renato Guttuso – and special attention will be paid to the collector Alberto Della Ragione, who had a leading role in protecting and safeguarding artists and their works.

Guided tours at the Museo Novecento
Where: Museo Novecento, piazza Santa Maria Novella 10, Firenze
When: 27 january h4.00 pm and 5.00 pm
For whom: young and adults