5 Dec 2015

Visits and workshops at the Florentine Civic Museums for the Immaculate Conception holidays

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On the occasion of the Immaculate Conception Bridge, the MUS Association. And the Florentine Civic Museums propose – as every year thanks to the support of Caffè Rivoire – a program of visits, events and special activities that open the Christmas period and offer the keys to understand and appreciate the city’s heritage. The offer is aimed at residents but also tourists, Italians and foreigners.

From Saturday 5 until Tuesday 8 December at Palazzo Vecchio, in addition to the “classic” Visits to the Palace and the timeless Secret Paths, the adult public can take part in thematic and theatrical itineraries: among these Inferno places, The Medici Palace, Guided by Giorgio Vasari or At Court with Donna Isabella, visits to the exhibition The Prince of Dreams; while the children are dedicated to the activities Court in celebration, which deals with celebrations, banquets and dances of the Medici court, and Exquisite discovery. The Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the chocolate road, an intriguing activity on chocolate. Children will be offered the stories and fairy tales related to the events of the palace and the city, in addition to the laboratory dedicated to the color Red.

And again, the visits and activities in the complex of Santa Maria Novella and at the Museo Novecento. Saturday, December 5 there will also be the second appointment of approach to contemporary arts at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea (piazza delle Murate), centered on dance: Murate Art Lab with Jacopo Jenna. This is the program from 5 to 8 December, excluding the day of Sunday, December 6 that will have a special program being included in the cycle of Sundays with free access for all residents in the metropolitan city (Domenica Metropolitana).

Museo Novecento

Visits and activities every day at 10.30a.m and 12.00p.m

Museo di Palazzo Vecchio (Signoria Square)

Secret routes: every day 10.00a.m – 11.30a.m – 2.30p.m -4.00p.m

Visit to the Palazzo: every day 10.30a.m -12.00p.m  – 2.00p.m – 3.30p.m

The places of Inferno: Tuesday 8 at 4.30p.m

Festive court: every day at 11.30a.m and 3.00p.m

Exquisite discovery. The Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the chocolate road: every day at 4.30p.m

Guided by Giorgio Vasari: Monday 7 and Tuesday 8 at 12.00p.m

At court with Donna Isabella: Monday 7 at 2.30p.m

Fairy tales for the little ones: every day at 10.30a.m and 3.00p.m

Museo Santa Maria Novella (Santa Maria Novella Square)

Visits and activities every day at 2p.m and 3.30p.m

Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea (Murate Square):
Saturday December 5 at 4.30p.m

Murate Art Lab

Event Area