5 Oct 2019

The Women’s Legacy. The appointments with MUS.E

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Sergio Risaliti

Artistic Director of Museo Novecento

Ilaria Innocenti


Jasmine Anouna

Oxford researcher specialized in social media

Jessica Joel Alexander

Author of the Best Seller The Danish Method

Silvia Dell’Acqua

Professional of e-learning at the School of Transnational Governance in Florence

The future of women passes through Florence: back in town L’Eredità delle Donne the festival – at the second edition – directed by Serena Dandini from a project by Elastica and Fondazione CR Firenze with Gucci as a partner and the co-promotion of the Municipality of Florence, that from October 4 to 6 invades the tuscan capital city. 24 are the appointments realized in collaboration with as many urban institutions, more than 270 the events in the OFF’s calendar and 17 the book’s presentations by Caffè Letterario. MUS.E is the protagonist with 7 initiatives, some on more replicas, in 5 different places of the city, on the days of Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October. These the proposals at the museum:

October 5 10:00a.m – 11:30a.m

An event that suggests a new look at socials. In Italy it is absent a theme that should now be an integral part of the school curriculum: citizenship on socials. During this event will be presented why socials are fundamental tools for social development, and in particular for the empowerment of marginalized communities, most of all based on race, religion, gender and sexuality. The theme will be discussed during a rounded table with four relators of different life’s paths, age and professuons with a common interest of socials. Through the relators, will be present: an Oxford social specialist researcher, Jasmine Anouna, author of the best seller the Danish Method, Jessica Joelle Alexander, and Silvia dell’Acqua, e-learning professionist of the Transnazional Governance’s School of Florence.

October 6 at 3p.m and 4.30p.m

In a predominantly male world as the one of the artistic pratice of the first decade of the 20th century, the attention of the artist focuses on the female universe. The Alberto Della Ragione Collection, founding nucleus of Museo Novecento, is representative of this interest offering to the public a wide range of faces and women bodues – mothers, sisters, partners, colleagues, friends, strangers – who in a various way have inspired the work of the artists. The conversation-visit will be focused on these silent and absorbed presences, through sensuality and creation, transformation of tastes and social conventions.

October 6 5.30p.m-7.30p.m

Sergio Risaliti
 La maternità nell’arte, conference at the Cinema Room
Ilaria Innocenti La femminilità ambivalente, conference to follow at the Cinema Room. The meeting, free admission, will be at Museo Novecento, Santa Maria Novella quare 10, Florence.

In collabotion with JONAS Firenze

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