21 Apr 2018

New cultural mediation activities: 21-22-25 April

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Where and when

On the occasion of the presentation of the new projects and the reorganization of the Museo Novecento, the Musei Civici Fiorentini and MUS. And they offer children and their families a program of activities and workshops that allow them to get closer to the art of the twentieth century and to experience it firsthand as an opportunity for reflection and creativity. On Wednesday, April 25, it will be possible to take part in the visits for adults, which will be repeated later on the following weekends.

Primavera Novecento

In the rooms of the Museum, where the rooms host the Raccolta Della Ragione, bloom every day two lush and lively bunches of orange dahlias, whose swollen corollas – thanks to the magic of the painter Antonio Donghi – seem to almost defy time. On the other hand, flowers are the protagonists of countless works by 20th century artists, who have observed and interpreted the floral world, offering us new reflections and new ideas to look at reality in a new way. Primavera Novecento invites children and their families to reinvent the world of flowers in an artistic key: guided by the colors and scents of the flowers already present on the outdoor loggia, small and large can take part in an unprecedented artistic installation in which large flowers will bloom on the green lawn of the cloister. Each participant can also take away their own original flower, which will become even more true thanks to the perfume. Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella – that since 1612 works not far from the museum, in the ancient pharmacy of Santa Maria Novella – will offer for the occasion some essences that will allow their flowers to spread exceptional scents.

Who: for families with children 3-10 years

When: 21 April 2018 at 3p.m – 4p.m – 5p.m

Between the world and art, drawing

Through the exhibition “The drawing of the sculptor”, which investigates the relationship that has always existed between the artist and the drawing – understood not only as a matrix of creation, an expression of the creative act that later will result in the work, but also as a work in its own right – children will be invited to delve into the magical world of drawing and graphics. In the first part, thanks to a short visit to the exhibition, participants will be able to understand how drawing is a nodal passage in the reality-representation dialogue, placing itself as a hinge between the world and its artistic interpretation, tense between investigation, experiment and design. In the second part the children will be the direct protagonists of a workshop centered on graphics: each will create their own “drawn world” contributing to create a large installation that will develop in the cloister and will be visible from the perspectives offered by the museum.

Who: for families with children 6-10 years

When: 22 April at 3p.m and 4.30p.m

Drawing, mother of the arts

Drawing has always been intimately connected to the deepest idea of art, placing itself in intimate connection with the artist’s thought and his expression: so it is from the first line drawn on the wall to mark the profile of a face, then translated into clay, in ancient Greece; so it is with the great artists of the twentieth century, from Adolfo Wildt to Luciano Fabro. Here is the exhibition “Il disegno dello sculptor” allows you to delve into the folds of creation and creativity, going to show the processes, doubts, the outcomes of famous Italian and international sculptors, as if we could “glimpse” thanks to their sketches and their notebooks, the souls of their works: “From this glimpse at a certain point can be born a work, like a spring pulled, that put with that thing could be a sea. Glimpse images that before, out of this random exercise would not have appeared, is a kind of fantastic stimulus”, from which the idea is born.

For whom: for young people and adults

When: 25 April at 11a.m and 12.30p.m

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