4 Sep 2022

FloReMus 2022: Triste plaisir

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4September 2022



Museo Novecento

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The sixth edition of the international festival FloReMus. Musical Renaissance in Florence takes place from Friday 30 August to Sunday 11 September 2022: it is the first festival entirely dedicated to the music of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries located in the city that has most influenced Renaissance culture in its various facets: artistic-visual, literary, musical, philosophical, scientific and political.

Also Renaissance are the places for evening concerts (9.15 pm) and almost all those for concerts à boire (7.00 pm); the intent is to establish an interaction between the music performed and the environment that hosts it, so that the viewer can enjoy at the same time artistic products that were born at the same time, if not in symbiosis. The exploration of the vast late medieval and Renaissance repertoire continues with special attention to the fifteenth century; a period of great political, social, scientific and artistic movements, including music, which has many similarities with the contemporary one.

Also this year the event will be divided into evening concerts, Concerts à boire, Conversations and a workshop, while we wait for the pandemic to subside to resume the courses that were so successful in the first three editions.


H21.15 Cloister of the Museo Novecento

Concert: Triste plaisir with l’ensemble Alta Bellezza, around Dufay

Sunday 4 September at 9.15 pm in the Cloister of the Ex-Leopoldine (seat of the Museo del Novecento, Piazza Santa Maria Novella 10; admission € 15, two people together € 25, reduced € 8 [students of music schools and conservatories, young people up to 30 years, adults over 65]; bookings on https://hommearme.it/) for the international festival FloReMus 2022 the Swiss ensemble Alta Bellezza performs, with a program focused on music by Dufay and dances from the fifteenth century. Ann Allen: bombs; Hanna Geisel: shawm, bombard, bagpipe; Nathaniel Wood: shooting trumpet, trombone.

The fifteenth century can be considered the “classical period” of the Alta Capella. The combination of shawm, bomb and trumpet to be thrown had become the standard instrumental ensemble throughout Europe. Such groups could be found in every court and in every city; they played the polyphony of their time and dance music for all kinds of occasions. In this concert, the Alta Bellezza Ensemble shows its very personal vision of the sound world of the early fifteenth century. The works of Dufay, Binchois and their contemporaries, on the one hand a musical farewell to the Middle Ages, on the other revolutionary for the Renaissance polyphony, can be heard both in the typical combination of instruments, and played on other instruments such as bagpipes, as well as on the then new types of bass brass such as the trombone. The dance music comes from the Brussels Basse Danse manuscript, where the tenors and the choreographies of the dances are annotated in gold lettering. We arranged the other parts of this polyphonic music in the style of the 15th century, as was the practice for musicians who played wind instruments in those days.