13 Oct 2019

F@mu 2019: National Day of the Families at the museum

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13October 2019


11:00 – 20:00

For the year 2019 the Florentine Civic Museums and MUS.E could not miss the consolidated appointment with the National Day of Families at the Museum planned for Sunday, October 13, a day for visiting the museums in Italy in a special way with the whole family.

On October 13 throughout the country more than 750 exhibition spaces between museums, foundations and other cultural spaces will be open to families with didactic guided tours, games and special initiatives. For MUS.E, that has spent years on the enhancement of museums for children (all projects at www.musefirenze.it), FaMu is an unmissable opportunity to give back to the public of the work done daily; below the activities scheduled at the museum.

The collage, the art of choosing, at 4.30p.m

In the collage, tecnique especially used in 1900s, brushes, colours or pastels are not used, but a “choice” is made by selecting and superimposing in a critical form details of images, photos, magazines, writings and other to create and compose something new. For this, often the resulting work is alienating, without the will of deceiveing the reality, but telling a way of seeing that uses forms of representation to go over. After a quick tour of the museum, where the works with “composition” as hallmark will be highlighted, and the focus will be on the possible modalities of raffigurating the reality, the participants can try their at the execution of a portait/self portait in the form of collage/décollage which, overcoming the idea of the realistic reproduction, will include emotions, quality, expressions and characters of the represented person.

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