8 Dec 2015

F-LIGHT light festival 8/27 December 2015

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Museo Novecento

Videomapping, light installations, visits and educational activities from 8 to 27 December in Florence

A new light in Florence. F-light, the Festival of Lights, hides in its name a play on words: F as Florence but also as a festival, light for light and flight for flight. From 8 to 27 December Florentines and tourists will be invited to make a journey with light, an ideal flight between the squares of the city and the sky. F-light is a great event to celebrate the light, universal energy source, which is renewed since 2011 and this year has a special importance on the occasion of the International Year of Light proclaimed by UNESCO. Life on earth, the four elements, the history of man and art, time in the universe told through light. Light and imagination will be the two thematic and experiential poles, spectacular and playful around which the different events, exhibitions and events of F-light 2015 will be built, according to the concept proposed by the artistic director Sergio Risaliti.

Promoted by the City of Florence and organized by the association MUS. And, F-light brings together a number of partners: the LENS (European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy) of the University of Florence, important training centers such as IED and ISIA, SILFI (society for public lighting in the city).  F-Light is made in collaboration with Enegan (main sponsor), Villa Tolomei Hotel & Resort, Comet (technical sponsor) and with the important contribution of the Florence Chamber of Commerce, aimed in particular at initiatives in the Oltrarno, where the link between the Festival of Lights and the event “Christmas is… the Oltrarno” is strong. Media partners of the event are Wired and La7. Games of light and videomapping, light installations and projections, guided tours, workshops and educational activities, with a common thread of cultural depth. It’s in a nutshell the proposal of F-light 2015. The lights of F-light2015 will all start together Tuesday, December 8 at 18 when the Mayor of Florence Dario Nardella will light the Christmas tree in front of the Duomo.

Workshops at Museo Novecento:

Bright worlds

Sunday, December 20, 3p.m/6p.m

An artistic installation to shed light on reality: children and their families will be called to create large spheres and luminous forms that – at the arrival of darkness – will animate the cloister going to draw a new collective landscape, to “inhabit” for an evening thanks to the game and the imagination.

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