5 Jun 2022

Domenica Metropolitana: 5 June 2022

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5June 2022


11:00 – 20:00

Ingresso libero fino a esaurimento posti

Sunday 5 June the Domenica Metropolitana comes back, day in which all residents of the Metropolitan City of Florence have the opportunity to enjoy the city museums free of charge.

Many proposals for young people and adults scheduled at the Museo Novecento, to deepen the exhibitions
dedicated to Filippo De Pisis, Giulio Paolini and Luca Vitone. Moreover, thanks to the mediators of the
AMIR project, citizens will be guided by young people from different countries who have studied
Italian art in dialogue with its own history.

Here to follow the complete program of the guided tours:

Journey into the Twentieth century with Filippo De Pisis, Giulio Paolini, Luca Vitone

for whom: young and adults
time: 4.30p.m
duration: 1h

The visit allows you to better appreciate the exhibitions dedicated to three great Italian artists: Filippo De Pisis, Giulio Paolini and Luca Vitone. A real artistic journey of a hundred years, thanks to a rich and surprising game of references and plots: starting from the beautiful and deep still lifes of Filippo De Pisis, crossing the mysteries of the real, of time and art thanks to the sophisticated work of Giulio Paolini and arriving at the unpublished works of Luca Vitone, who inspired the two artists to give life to new site-specific, the participants will be able to grasp aspects of the art of the twentieth century and draw important insights for reflection on reality and its interpretation.

Open artworks

for whom: young and adults
time: 3.00 p.m duration: 1h15’

During the visit the dialogue with the works and with the visitors will be led by a group of migrants participating in the AMIR project, young people from various countries who have studied the art of our time and our peninsula by relating it to their own history, their own origins, the
own homeland. The visit will then allow you to approach some of the works on display with the eyes of those who have come to Florence as “new citizens“: visitors will then be guided by voices belonging to different cultures and invited to observe in a new way the forms, codes, the meanings of the Italian art of our time and understand how really the work of art is “open” and “active center of a network of inexhaustible relationships”. (U. Eco)

The visit is proposed as part of the AMIR project / Reception Museums Inclusion Report, to
edited by Comune di Fiesole, Comune di Firenze – MUS. And, Istituto degli Innocenti, Fondazione Primo Conti, Stazione Utopia, thanks to the support of the Fondazione CR Firenze.

Thanks to the support of GIOTTO, love brand of F.I.L.A. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini, Tenderly and
Lucart citizens can also take part in the numerous visits and activities scheduled in the
different places.

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