30 Jan 2017

Designwinmake Innovecento Edition

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30January 2017



Museo Novecento

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DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition
Awards ceremony
Speakers: Laura Calligari (Arredativo), Luciano Cantini (Kentstrapper), Laura De Benedetto (MakeTank), Valentina Gensini (MUS.E, Museo Novecento) e Alessandro Zambelli (designer)

Mirco Alberti with the Volubile project is the winner of DesignWinMake INNOVecento Edition, the contest promoted by the MakeTank ecommerce, by the web magazine Arredativo.it and by the Kentstrapper 3D printer manufacturing company, in partnership with the MUS.E Association. of an object born from the application of 3D printing in the museum field, the contest required the creation of an innovative product that combined design, art and architecture, inspired by the works of three Italian artists (Franco Grignani, Mario Nigro and Paolo Scheggi) exhibited at the Museo Novecento. Second classified Sabina Brero with Cubico ring and third classified ex-aequo Rossella Granata with Holes and Mirco Alberti with ā€œiā€. On the occasion of the award ceremony, a meeting will be held dedicated to the application of 3D printing in artistic and museum contexts and the winning project will be printed live with Kentstrapper machines.

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