24 Apr 2016

«Burning in the Future»! Instructions to make an avant-garde

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Museo Novecento

Admission with museum ticket and reservation required

Cycle of itinerant mises en espace as part of the project Carissimi Padri… Almanacchi della “Grande Pace” (1900-1915), in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro della Toscana.

«You have to be absolutely modern»! In the throat – ready for every moment – the “infernal” cry of Rimbaud, before the eyes an unknown multitude of engines (roaring), in the hands the irrepressible impulse for the sudden, insane, absolute gesture: fauves, cubism, futurism, dadaism, the European twentieth century (greedy and boy) immediately let himself be enchanted by the dream of modernity, that amazing dream that twice turned into the darkest of nightmares… Starting from the frenetic belle époque, or on the contrary moving à rebours from the last remnants of the twentieth century, a journey (or rather two!) through the provocative (and provocative) century of the avant-garde. Two theatrical events between the exhibition halls of the Museo Novecento, with the actors of the project Carissimi Padri… to learn the best recipe of any avant-garde DOC and PDO.

Sunday, April 24 at 16.00, in replica at 5.30pm «Burn yourself in the future»! Instructions to make a vanguard/ 1 Posters in “magazine” (for experienced sleepwalkers)

With Michele Dell’Utri, Lino Guanciale, Diana Manea, Eugenio Papalia, Simone Tangolo 

Chapter 1

‘900: times of posters, times of magazines! Any avant-garde that respects itself, to launch itself with its most recent (and “scandalous”) products on the market (artistic, literary, theatrical…), can only have a manifesto, certification guaranteed for all vintage -isms (cubism, futurism, surrealism etc. etc.). But the manifesto manifests itself best if combined with a magazine (programmatic maybe): newspapers and periodicals are already depopulated at the dawn of the twentieth century and only those who have one can hear (to impose?) their voice… The first “instruction” is served!

Sunday, May 22 at 16.00, in replica at 17.30 «Burn yourself in the future»! Instructions to make a vanguard/ 2 Ready-made constructions (abstain passatisti)

With Nicola Bortolotti, Michele Dell’Utri, Lino Guanciale, Diana Manea, Eugenio Papalia 

Chapter 2

‘900 and speed in the name of ready-made. Bewildering ideas and impossible assemblages, a mixture of types and varieties of forms (images-music-literature-theatre-architecture-and everything that passes through your head…) are at our disposal! From the Dadaist extemporaneity of the Cabaret Voltaire to the visual and sound combinations of the happening, it’s time to try the contradictory games of the avant-garde, which bring together the A and Z, the beginning and the end, the “prefabricated” object and the “sudden” gesture. On the other hand, what vanguards would be without paradoxes (and extreme taste for parody)? The first “instruction” is served!

Promoted by the Theatre of Tuscany, the project participated Carissimi padri… Almanacchi della “Grande Pace” (1900-1915) is a long journey, from February to the autumn of 2016, to reflect together on what led us to that distant sunset, the sunset that a little generated us. A theatrical journey, but not only, in grotesque sauce, from the dazzling lights of the Universal Exposition of 1900 to the glorious May of 1915, to finally come to terms with our “Dear Fathers” – without ever forgetting that, as Brecht writes, «tragedy, much more often than comedy, takes humanity’s sufferings lightly».

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