23 May 2024

Convegno “L’ARTISTA RINGRAZIA – Genealogies: the artistic and literary sources of Giulio Paolini”

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On the occasion of the exhibition Quando รจ il presente?, Giulio Paolini‘s solo show running at the Museo Novecento and the Museo di San Marco until 7 September 2022, the Museo Novecento and the Giulio and Anna Paolini Foundation presented L’ARTISTA RINGRAZIA – Genealogy: the artistic and literary sources of Giulio Paolini. The study day, which was held on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June at the Teatro Niccolini in Florence, was dedicated to deepening the artistic research of one of the greatest exponents of Italian art of the twentieth century, with the contribution of eminent scholars and critics.

Since the beginning of his career, in the early 1960s, Giulio Paolini has nurtured his own research of confrontation with artistic and literary sources. An operating method that the artist has followed until today to claim belonging to a cultural and historical-artistic tradition, as well as to a dynasty of favorite authors. For the artist, in fact, authors from different eras are part of a circular temporality, typical of the nature and destiny of the work of art.

What conceptual devices are put in place? How are visual-artistic and literary sources acquired and transfigured? Who are the members of this ideal genealogy? How does the work take shape on an iconic and conceptual level? How are affinities and differences with past and contemporary artistic experiences manifested? These are the questions that the Study Day intends to address.