3 Giu 2015

Florence Novecento

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Museo Novecento

An interdisciplinary investigation through the arts of the twentieth century, conducted by experts who collaborated in scientific research for the opening of the twentieth century Museum.

Wednesday 3 June at 5.30p.m
Giovanni Vitali

The birth of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and the first editions of the Festival

In 1933, with the “Nabucco” by Giuseppe Verdi, the Festival of Maggio Musicale started. Inspired by the experience of the Salzburg Festival, the Florentine festival is immediately distinguished by the originality of the artistic proposals and the renewal of the installations through the involvement of the most important painters of the time. The conference reconstructs, with the help of rare films kept at the Istituto Luce, the context in which the Maggio Musicale was conceived and the first editions until the Second World War.

Wednesday 10 June at 5.30p.m
Marino Biondi

A century of culture between literature and philosophy. «Diari carteggi testimonianze dei protagonisti: Prezzolini Papini e la memoria del secolo

The 900 told by some of its protagonists, through correspondence and diaries. One and the other tools and mediums of a story that has also been autobiography, and a biography that has merged with other lives, building common and yet always different testimonies, with the touch of similar and original personalities. The conference traces the Orphic friendships, theorized by Soffici and Papini, not only based on a feeling or emotion but on a thought, an idea, a project, a vision, as well as the long story that was the Diary of Giuseppe Prezzolini, conductor of the orchestra shouts.

The meetings are curated by Valentina Gensini.

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