22 Nov 2019 – 13 Feb 2020

The Wall – Sustainable Thinking Evolution 3

Curated by

Mario Cucinella Architects and SOS – School of Sustainability

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22November 2019


13February 2020

Museo Novecento

Sustainable Thinking Evolution 3 illustrates the mesh of possible paths that guide mankind towards the future, which unravels through some challenges that have become urgent today: the progressive transformation of humanity as an urban species, the need to reinvent an everyday life that depends on plastic, the impact of on the way to experience public space. These three points for reflection offer the opportunity to imagine a map of possible scenarios towards an alternative future and to question the story made previously.

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The third and last evolution of The Wall project (a site-specific exhibition format that proposes the synthesis and visual processing typical of the infographic developed along a 12-meter wall) is presented to the public on November 22 (until February 13, 2020) ) curated by Mario Cucinella Architects and Sos- School of Sustainability.

A timeline that changes its appearance, looking at the past through the lens of these challenges, revisiting the story of the relationship between man and nature. In the lower part, the story perceived from the point of view of man is outlined, in which the vector of growth has always been innovation resulting from a condition of crisis.

In the upper part, the silent path of planet Earth is represented, in which the vector of change, or rather of decline, is the impact that the human species has generated. The planet’s natural resources are running out and a large percentage of species are dying out, all under the increasingly overwhelming weight of rising CO2 emissions.

How to face the future in a sustainable way? What are the innovations that have supported the evolution of man and what is their relationship with the planet’s resources? These complex and multifaceted themes were illustrated in this third chapter of Sustainable Thinking Evolution on the ground floor of the Museum.

The MC A studio, founded in 1992 by architect Mario Cucinella, has been carrying out architectural projects for years characterized by attention to technological integration with environmental and climatic strategies to create buildings that can reduce their environmental impact in view of European objectives of 2020 and 2030. In 2015, architect Cucinella created SOS – School of Sustainability, a post-graduate school aimed at training a new generation of professionals in the field of sustainability, for the great global challenges in the economic, environmental and social fields.


Sergio Risaliti

Curated by

Mario Cucinella Architects

SOS – School of Sustainability

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