18 Apr 2015 – 21 Jul 2015

Painters for Music. Primo Conti 1935-1939

Curated by

Valentina Gensini

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18April 2015


21July 2015

Museo Novecento

Primo Conti (Florence 1900- Fiesole 1988) begins his almost thirty-year collaboration with the Teatro Comunale of Florence in 1935. The first citizen artist to collaborate with the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, he realizes three staging for Giuseppe Verdi‘s melodramas: A masked ball 1935; Otello 1937 and Il Trovatore 1939.

Since his debut in the theater on 24 April 1924, with the scene of Vincenzo Sorelli’s féerie Dream of a pearl staged at the Teatro della Pergola, his commitment to melodrama is aimed at identifying, in the scenic spatiality of the theater, a possible place to exhibit the values ​​of painting. The scenography proposed for all the works always foresees a traditional construction, modernly interpreted and “habitable” also by the public, for which the painting, delivered to a rigorous subordination to the melodramatic text, shows to hold more to ‘scenic common sense’ than to a its free interpretation. This choice earned Primo Conti an undisputed success and the appreciation of critics.

The inauguration, scheduled for Saturday 18 April at 6 pm with free admission subject to availability, will be introduced by Moreno Bucci and will be accompanied by a concert by the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino in collaboration with the “Luigi Cherubini” Conservatory of Music in Florence:
György Ligeti, Sonata for solo cello, Cello: Giovanni Inglese

Scientific direction: Valentina Gensini
Texts and selection of sketches and sketches by Moreno Bucci
Thanks to the Primo Conti Onlus Museum Foundation