18 Sep 2018 – 13 Dec 2018

Paradigma. The Architect’s Table Benedetta Tagliabue

Curated by

Laura Andreini

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18September 2018


13December 2018

Museo Novecento

Third appointment with Paradigma – The Architect’s Table periodic project conceived by Sergio Risaliti in collaboration with Tommaso Sacchi and curated by Laura Andreini, dedicated each time to an architect called to tell the public through images, drawings, projects or models set up canonically on a work table.

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After Mario Cucinella and Gianluca Peluffo, the projects of Benedetta Tagliabue (18 September – 13 December 2018), a Milanese architect based in Spain and director of the EMBT studio and the Enric Miralles Foundation with assets such as the Scottish Parliament, arrive at the Museo Novecento in Edinburgh, the new Santa Caterina market in Barcelona and the Spanish Pavilion of the Shanghai Expo 2010. The architect Tagliabue brings his favorite work table, that of the Barcelona studio, to Florence, along with a series of completed and ongoing projects.

“I am Italian but I have lived so many years outside that sometimes I forget it – says Benedetta Tagliabue – Italy is not a particularly good mother but it is so beautiful and has so much character that it is difficult not to carry it inside all life. We brought our work table from the Barcelona studio and the lamp above it to the Museo Novecento. We also brought some projects including domes inspired by Italian skylines that are transformed into buildings, pavilions, objects and a chronology of Italian projects, some remained in the drawer, others almost arrived at completion, and some complete or on the verge of being completed.”

Benedetta Tagliabue and EMBT

The Miralles-Tagliabue EMBT studio was founded in 1994 by Enric Miralles (1955-2000) and his wife Benedetta Tagliabue. His design approach to architecture, interior design and urban planning includes experiences in the field of school, commercial, industrial and residential design, restoration and landscape architecture. The architectural poetics of EMBT, which has offices in Barcelona and Shanghai and develops projects all over the world, are always attentive to the context and can be seen as a constant combination of tradition and innovation. The philosophy of the studio emphasizes environmental changes by observing and respecting the sites, their history and their culture. This approach is combined with strong technical and managerial qualities and supports. EMBT strongly believes that the design process implies a synergistic collaboration between client and designer.
Benedetta Tagliabue, who graduated from the Institute of Architecture in Venice, is today the director of EMBT. Visiting professor in prestigious universities, he is a member of several international awards juries. In 2004 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh and in 2013 the RIBA Jencks Award. In addition to the studio, she directs the Enric Miralles Foundation, which promotes experimental and innovative architecture in the spirit of her husband and partner Enric Miralles.


Benedetta Tagliabue

1963, Milano


Sergio Risaliti

Curated by

Laura Andreini

In collaboration with

Tommaso Sacchi