12 Apr 2019 – 4 Jul 2019

Paradigma. The architect’s table – Baubotanik

Curated by

Laura Andreini

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12April 2019


4July 2019

Museo Novecento

For this occasion, the Architect’s Table relies on the design experience of Oliver Storz and Hannes Schwertfeger and their ability to raise awareness on a theme, such as that of sustainability, which involves our planet and future generations who will inhabit it. . Since 2012, the studio has been developing – both within and outside the university benches – research based on the use of nature as a supporting component for traditional structural and construction elements.

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Fifth appointment for Paradigma. The architect’s table, a periodic project conceived by Sergio Risaliti in collaboration with Tommaso Sacchi and curated by Laura Andreini, dedicated each time to an architect called to tell the public through images, drawings, projects or models canonically set up on a table of work.

After Mario Cucinella, Gianluca Peluffo, Benedetta Tagliabue and Leonardo Ricci, this is the turn of Oliver Storz and Hannes Schwertfeger, founders of the Stuttgart studio Bureau Baubotanik. “Baubotanik – a renaissance of what exactly?” (12 April-4 July 2019) is the title of the fifth appointment of the Architect’s Table, which is part of the Sustainable Thinking event organized by the Ferragamo Museum and the Ferragamo Foundation to pay attention to the increasingly topical issues of sustainability in various forms: from the environment to the urban landscape, from reuse to innovation and technological experimentation.

Bureau Baubotanik is not just the name of a studio but a real philosophy: it represents for designers the logical step following the current sustainable design not always capable of responding to the many and complex environmental needs in anticipation of ever greener urban infrastructures.

We are committed to creating a much stronger network of our cities and their infrastructures, and therefore of their ecosystems – explains the team of Bureau Baubotanik – Our projects are born as extremely fragile structures and only over time are they transformed into stable structures. This therefore requires from the outset the management of long-term stability as a fundamental principle for a successful future“.

The Baubotanik projects therefore begin as extremely fragile structures and only with the passage of time do they transform and strengthen, creating a significant and stable relationship with steel structures. A relationship between natural elements and designed elements that dictates both a stylistic and formal choice, also determining an innovative aesthetic. A line of research that aims at that possible and desirable integration with nature capable of changing the future design approach at any scale.


Oliver Storz

Bureau Baubotanik

Hannes Schwertfeger

Bureau Baubotanik


Sergio Risaliti

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Laura Andreini

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Sergio Risaliti


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