2 Mar 2023 – 13 Sep 2023

Luca Pozzi. The Messages of Gravity

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2March 2023


13September 2023

Museo Novecento

In conjunction with the exhibition Lucio Fontana. L’origine du monde, the introductory rooms on the first floor of the Museo Novecento host The Messages of Gravity by Luca Pozzi (1983), an exhibition conceived as a satellite project in orbit around the universe of Lucio Fontana.

Exhibition Hours

Museo Novecento

Monday – Sunday

11:00 am

8:00 pm


Through a selection of works, some of which are conceived as a real homage to Lucio Fontana, the exhibition transports us into themes common to both artists, such as the interest in scientific discoveries and the origin of the cosmos, the fascination for space and its incalculable dimension. The invitation is to walk through the rooms abandoning our usual space-time coordinates, letting ourselves bounce, like ping pong balls, from one time to another, from the material space to the elusive one of the imagination.

Artist and interdisciplinary mediator, for several years Luca Pozzi has been pursuing research inspired by the worlds of quantum physics, multi-messenger cosmology and information technology, creating installations, often imagined as immersive environments, composed of objects of different nature: from performative photographs to magnetic sculptures, from levitating objects to virtual and augmented reality tools. His interest in Fontana’s art is a constant, a subtle affinity that emerges through an unconventional interpretation of art, its tools and its potential. Seventy years after Fontana’s first ‘spatial concepts’, Pozzi thus transports us into a cosmological dimension that the Italian-Argentine master could not know but only imagine; his works, designed through the use of artificial intelligence and created in the Metaverse, are in a sense the natural consequence of Fontana’s radical experimentation with space, from the Cuts to the spatial Environments. In this sense, the title of the exhibition, The Messages of Gravity, evokes both the information that we are able to gather today from the universe, and the secret messages transcribed by Fontana on the back of some works and destined for the future.

Luca Pozzi (1983) is an artist and interdisciplinary mediator.
Inspired by the worlds of art, physics, multi-messenger cosmology and information technology, after graduating in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and specializing in Computer Graphics and Systems, he collaborates with visionary scientific communities among including the Loop Quantum Gravity (PI), the Compact Muon Solenoid (CERN) and the Fermi Large Area Telescope (INFN, NASA).
Studying quantum gravity, cosmology and particle physics, theoretical research is converted into a series of hybrid installations featuring magnetic sculptures, levitating objects, VR/AR experiences and a performative use of photography based on an alienating sensation of suspended time and multi -dimensionality.
His work has been exhibited in important museums and galleries in Italy and abroad and his works are part of prestigious public and private collections including the Mart of Rovereto, the Mambo of Bologna, the MEF of Turin, the Ministry of Foreign Ministry La Farnesina and the Archive of Spatial Aesthetics and Praxis in New York. He is known for the photographic series “Supersymmetric Partner”, which documents his leaps in front of the Renaissance paintings of Paolo Veronese and for the use of electromagnetic levitation technologies in works with a futuristic flavor such as “Schroedinger’s cat through Piero della Francesca influence” (Museo Marino Marini, 2010), “9 Churches 9 Columns” (Moscow Biennale, 2011) and “The Star Platform” (Marrakech Biennale, 2012). In 2013 he developed the remote light design device “Oracle” (DLD, Haus der Kunst, Munich), in 2015 the exhibition “The Messengers of Gravity” (MEF, Turin), while in 2017 the project “Blazing Quasi-Stellar Object” at CERN in Geneva. In the same year he participates in “Documenta 14” as part of the collective “Eternal Internet Brotherhood” (Kassel).

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