27 Sep 2019 – 16 Jan 2020

Duel – Wang Yuyang. Fireflies for lanterns

Curated by

Lorenzo Bruni

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27September 2019


16January 2020

Museo Novecento

The Chinese artist Wang Yuyang (Harbin, 1979), in his first solo show in Europe, is the protagonist of the sixth appointment of the duel cycle, conceived by the artistic director of the Museo Novecento Sergio Risaliti, which sees guest curators called from time to time to collaborate with artists active on the international scene to create site-specific interventions inspired by the museum’s collection.

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This new exhibition Fireflies for lanterns, conceived in collaboration with Massimo De Carlo Milan / London / Hong Kong and curated by Lorenzo Bruni, sees Yuyang’s works – three pictorial cycles and two light installations – in open dialogue with a Still Life (1923- 24) by Giorgio Morandi from the Alberto Della Ragione collection.

Morandi’s work was identified by Wang for the analogies with his own research on the illusion of objectivity and on the balance between abstract and figurative image, as well as to remember the years of his training, when the young artist studied and reproduced the works of the Bolognese master in the classrooms of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in China, where he is now professor of experimental art.

The title – Fireflies for lanterns – calls into question that error of interpretation into which one can easily fall when, trusting a superficial observation, the phenomena of reality are judged. The Florentine exhibition is an important stage in Wang Yuyang’s artistic research linked to a reflection on how the means of technical reproduction, both analog and digital, can influence the perception of daily life, collective memory and the role of art.

The artist himself describes his interest in science and new technologies: “My Moon paintings – explains Yuyang – are the faithful copy of the images produced by space agencies, characterized by various shades of gray. To make them, I first wear a pair of digital glasses that allow me to see everything in black and white; later I start to paint by choosing oil colors from a palette on which I previously deleted the name of the various colors. Consequently, at the end of the process, all the colors we see on the canvas are juxtaposed randomly, the final image corresponds to the color that the Moon could have in another space. However, if the public looks at the colored painting using the screen of their smartphone in black and white mode, it is as if it immediately returned to our reality”.

Wang Yuyang

(born 1979, Harbin, China) is a graduate of the China Central Academy of Drama and the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The artist currently lives in Beijing, where he has taught since 2008 at the School of Experiment Art at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. His work has been exhibited in important public collections such as: K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong; Long Museum, Shanghai; Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum of Art, Beijing; 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai; Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing and Power Station of Art, Shanghai.


Wang Yuyang

1979, Harbin, China


Sergio Risaliti

Curated by

Lorenzo Bruni

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Stefania Rispoli


Elisa Di Lupo

Comune di Firenze

Daniele Pasquini


Ludovica V. Zarrilli

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FRUSH Design Studio


Dania Menafra


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