19 Jan 2024 – 18 Feb 2024

Different Might Be Everything | Kraita317

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19January 2024


18February 2024

Museo Novecento

Curated by Sofia Bonacchi and Street Levels Gallery

From Friday, Jan. 19 until Sunday, Feb. 18, the loggia on the ground floor of the Museo Novecento is transformed even more into an urban space: after the opening of the sculpture garden in the inner courtyard, the museum’s spaces are becoming more open and inclusive thanks to the first Street Art intervention. Different Might be Everything is the name of the site-specific work created by street artist Kraita317, created in collaboration with the Street Levels Gallery on Via Palazzuolo in Florence.

The intervention conceived for the Museo Novecento is a unique, site-specific work that stems from considerations of Maurizio Nannucci’s 1988 work Everything Might Be Different, exhibited in the cloister of the Museo Novecento. The idea of reversing the semantic order of the words chosen by Nannucci supports the artist in legitimizing his work, as well as the current to which he belongs. The new motto, “Different could be everything,” indicates precisely the desire for recognition of an artistic movement that is still underestimated, often controversial, but alive and bursting, like that of Street Art.

Kraita317 is one of the main protagonists of the Florentine urban art movement in recent years and among the artists who last year participated in the major international urban art exhibition at the Fluctuart Museum in Paris. An active member of the Romanian ANS crew since the late 2000s, Kraita317 in 2018 leaves his hometown of Brașov to move to Florence. This change of context is highly significant and triggers a rapid and constant evolution in his style, both in strokes and color selection, transiting from figurative to abstract without ever abandoning a highly expressive stylistic cipher.

Kraita317’s abstract and synthetic works refer to introspective and personal dialogues that exclude the use of words, relying on the ability of essential forms and primary colors to evoke complex sensations and deep feelings. What the artist returns, first in the studio and then on the street, is the end result of a long journey born of the urgency to respond to the stimuli collected and then assimilated in the urban environment. Kraita317 deposits his beliefs directly on the street, entrusting his works to the wear and tear of time and the interaction with the city and its inhabitants, those hands that often tear or alter the original distinctive features of the works.


Sofia Bonacchi e Street Levels Gallery