28 Apr 2021 – 15 Sep 2021

Chiara Gambirasio. Flight Instructions

Curated by

Sergio Risaliti

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Where and when


28April 2021


15September 2021

Museo Novecento

Flight Instructions is Chiara Gambirasio’s first solo exhibition in a public museum. The young artist presents a series of site-specific works in dialogue with the loggia of the ex-Leopoldine

Exhibition Hours


Monday – Sunday




The loggia on the first floor of the museum, as usual dedicated to emerging artists, hosts the very young Chiara Gambirasio, born in 1996, who lives and works between Milan and Bergamo.

His research borders on various artistic disciplines, but underlies the essentially pictorial principle of representation of reality through color as the lowest common denominator.

To define this way of proceeding, the artist herself coined the word Kenoscromia, or chromatic vibration in and of the void: an energy inherent in colors, capable of organizing space, objects, even time and of manipulating them symbolically with a fairytale freshness, as Cristina Muccioli writes about her.

Her attention, even in the site-specific work created for the loggia of the Museo Novecento, focuses on points of color that appear in reality as intruders, which she sets out to transform through the image into perspective fulcrums. His works, which Gambirasio speaks of as living creatures, are made of plaster and clay and these materials possess all the fragility, but also the infinite malleability that can transform them into anything. And it really does.

On its fleeting supports, proceeding with touches of color, the artist gives life to a fantastic bestiary, where what we are used to imagining in one way becomes quite another.

Thus a wild boar takes off, launched gracefully towards the sky and a fish leaves the blue waters to become a bird. The force of gravity completely loses its meaning, each figure seems to be passing through the earth, ready to take flight to other worlds. His poems have something ancient, they seem reverie belonging to a medieval and profound iconology at the same time.


Chiara Gambirasio

1996, Bergamo

Curated by

Sergio Risaliti

Scientific Coordination

Francesca Neri


Lea Codognato | Caterina Briganti | Davis&Co.

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Costanza Savelloni

Visual Identity

Dania Menafra

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