7 Oct 2022 – 2 Nov 2022

Bound Narratives: a Photobook Library

Curated by

Roï Saade

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7October 2022


2November 2022

Museo Novecento

On the occasion of the XIII edition of the Middle East Now Festival (Florence 4-9 October 2022), Museo Novecento hosts the Bound Narratives exhibition, curated by Roï Saade. The exhibition presents a curated selection of photography books made “by” and “about” the Middle East and North Africa, by a wide variety of talented authors and artists.

Exhibition Hours

Museo Novecento

Monday – Sunday

11:00 am

8:00 pm


BOUND NARRATIVES: A Photobook Library
An event in collaboration with MIDDLE EAST NOW FESTIVAL.
Project and exhibition curated by the libanese artist and photographer ROÏ SAADE.
Set Design Coordination ARCHIVIO PERSONALE.
7 October / 2 November 2022
Museo Novecento

The photobook is presented beyond its classic definition,” says Roï Saade, artist, photographer, designer and curator of the exhibition. “Through a selection of over 30 documentary photography books, diaries, academic research, essays, archival images, sketches and more, Bound Narratives emphasizes the importance of sharing the myriad perspectives of local and diasporic communities, the power of storytelling subversive and self-representation. A project that invites the viewer to expand their knowledge and discover wide-ranging narratives from countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, Iran, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia. An exhibition that aims to create communication channels between creatives and professionals in the sector and book enthusiasts, with the desire to improve public access to photography books. Finally, in a world driven by technology and uncertainty, Bound Narratives wants to promote the great value of the printed book.

Among the books on display, a specific focus is dedicated to 5 photobooks and their authors, chosen because they are linked to the theme “An Abstract of Home” of Middle East Now 2022. The selection includes Disquiet Days, which recounts the photographer’s 11 years of investigation Bruno Boudjelal on his origins, his identity and his unknown family in Algeria. Abandoned Dwellings: A History of Beirut in which Gregory Buchakjian embarks on an extraordinary artistic research project on the abandoned houses of the Lebanese capital.

Desert of Pharan by Ahmed Mater, one of the most celebrated Saudi artists and photographers, which traces the origins of the city of Mecca and the hidden stories behind its most recent transformation. Zanjir, an imagined conversation between the Iranian artist Amak Mahmoodian and the Persian princess and writer of memoirs Taj Saltaneh. And then again Hello Future, a summa of the photographic, performative and cinematographic practice of the famous Emirati artist Farah Al Qasimi, in which through a great attention to colorful surfaces and vivid textures he wants to bring out the postcolonial structures of power, gender and influence aesthetics in the Gulf countries, investigating the cultural effects of globalization and migration in general.

BOUND NARRATIVES at the Cinema La Compagnia

From 4 to 9 October, the foyer of the cinema will also host a focus dedicated to the Bound Narratives exhibition with two photographic books: “Picture An Arab Man” (2022) by the Iraqi-born photographer Tamara Abdul Hadi, and “West of Life” (2018) by Tunisian photographer Ziad Ben Romdhane.

Friday 7 October, 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm: preview in the presence of the curator and artists at the Museo Novecento

Saturday 8 October, 11.30 am: presentation of books and book signing with Tamara Abdul Hadi and Ziad Ben Romdhane at the Cinema La Compagnia

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