25 Sep 2020 – 5 Apr 2021

Andrea Francolino. Humus

Curated by

Sergio Risaliti and Luca Puri

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25September 2020


5April 2021

Museo Novecento

The infinite reflections on the crack and on the Man / Nature relationship accompany my artistic research, leading me to observe how far-sighted and attentive Nature is, especially when, with mulch, it covers the ground protecting it from erosion and desertification processes, from the sun and from the violent climatic events avoiding the loss of fertility and humidity. This laborious cycle, made up of the accumulation of organic materials, creates, over time and with various interconnected processes, that complex of substances of fundamental importance for the soil: humus.

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The project was born from a careful observation of nature and relations between European states, their cultural identities and sustainable future, uniting everyone in the horizon of care for the planet: 28 flags, one for each member state of the European Union and one, collective, which brings together and represents all the nations of united Europe, were installed by the artist in the loggia of the museum.

On each flag the GPS coordinates referring to the seats of the individual parliaments are visible, a discreet and unique way to reveal one’s place in the world through the geographical position by referring to those places where men with their decisions determine the balance or not. The arrangement of each banner recalls that of the representatives of individual countries when, seated together, they can affect the fate of the planet with their choices.

The ecological emergency and the strong commitment that individuals and nations have put in place for the protection of the planet are the points of reflection of Andrea Francolino who tackles this issue hoping for a future united by a common intention of safeguarding: “In the face of all this every difference of creed, race, culture or origin collapses, because the Earth is one and the same for everyone.

The creation of a common ground rich in nourishment is the basis of this research, which cancels any kind of difference between nations, without however denying the cultural, social and anthropic biodiversity that distinguishes them. Francolino’s study focuses on a specific action that Nature wisely and intelligently carries out to protect the soil: mulching, or the practice of covering the soil with organic material to retain moisture, protect it from erosion and contain its temperature.


Andrea Francolino

Bari, 1979

Curated by

Sergio Risaliti

Luca Puri

Organization and Coordination

Francesca Neri



Ph Credits

Leonardo Morfini

With the contribution of

Fondazione CR Firenze

In collaboration with

Mazzoleni, London – Torino