23 July 2017

Minecraft and Florence

As promised, the entire city center of Florence reproduced in Minecraft on the occasion of the Firenze dei Bambini event is available for young artists from all over the world.
At the Museo Novecento on 20 and 21 May 2017 we allowed children and teenagers to create some small artistic creations, giving them the opportunity to exhibit those same creations directly at the Museo Novecento reproduced in Minecraft.
Watch this video now and observe how the painting that is held in the hand by Benedetta – magically – enters Minecraft and becomes part of the new collection of the Museo Novecento reserved for young artists just like you. What are you waiting for then!

Instructions for using the world of the City of Florence in Minecraft

If you are a common user follow the steps of point 1) otherwise, if you are an “advanced” user proceed with point 2).

1- Common user mode:

Download and install MultiMC (Minecraft instance manager) from here: https://multimc.org/
Download the Minecraft instance that we have prepared to make it easier for you from here
Save it to your desktop. The file is called Firenze_MuseoNovecento.zip.
Start MultiMC and create a new instance. Click on the first icon at the top left representing a white sheet with a yellow star above.
Click on the word “Import Modpack ..” and then on the button with the three ellipsis.
Go to the Desktop and select the Firenze_MuseoNovecento.zip file you saved just before.
Select the OK button and wait for the creation of the Minecraft instance we have prepared.
Double click on the instance with the following icon to start Minecraft and start creating art with the secure social platform Creatubbles.com, the Museo Novecento and the entire city of Florence. Enter your Mojang account when prompted.

2 – Advanced user mode:

The Minecraft version used is 1.10.2 with Forge
The world file is available here
The necessary mods are:
Creatubbles mod (here the one used during the “Florence of Children” event and here in case it was updated by the developer or needed for another Minecraft version)
Custom NPC (custom and available here)

Instructions on how to insert your crafts via the Creatubbles mod in Minecraft

In order to easily insert your artistic content into Minecraft we use the Creatubbles platform, a community where creators of all ages can share any type of creation – 2D or 3D, analog or digital, video or audio files, Minecraft creations, and much more. !
The Creatubbles.com platform is recognized for offering a safe space for all children: all creations and communications are checked and approved to ensure an online experience that builds a sense of trust and social behavior based on mutual respect.

1- User registration on the Creatubbles platform
The instructions we gave on May 20 and 21 to parents to allow them to register on the Creatubbles.com platform and upload the first digital images can be found here 2 – The instructions and videos on how to use the Creatubbles mod are here. easily take all your images loaded in Creatubbles and insert them in Minecraft or take screenshots of your Minecraft worlds (F2 key) and upload them to the Creatubbles platform.

The creation of this Minecraft world was made possible thanks to: Muse Florence, the Municipality of Florence, Museo Novecento, Marco Vigelini, Creatubbles.com, Shapescapeco