15 December 2014

F-light 2014 / Florence Light Festival at Museo Novecento

23 December 2014 – 6 January 2015

A video projection curated by Max Pinucci, created by a group of students and young designers, tells a story through images and infographics, tracing a visual picture of the 1900s.

The project is inspired by the “City Learning” concept of Animation Lights Project / Crea © tivity, continuing the experiences of the “lectures on the wall” created for the F-LIGHT 2013 edition at Murate, in the special Crea @ tivityLight. The visual and sound contributions elaborated by the students of Industrial Design of ISIA Firenze, in collaboration with the DAM master of the Palazzo Spinelli Institute, will allow, through images and videos granted by the Novecento Museum, a look at what is kept inside the new institution of city museum.