3 Jul 2018

Life and Death of the desire: Lectio magistralis by Massimo Recalcati

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3July 2018



Museo Novecento


Massimo Recalcati

Psychoanalyst, essayist and writer

Tuesday, July 3 opens the exhibition “European night” with the lectio magistralis by Massimo Recalcati at Forte di Belvedere. The “Notturno Elettrico” concert will follow from Tempo Reale, with live soundtracks of films of the student revolution of the ’68.

The European Nocturne is a project conceived and curated by Pinangelo Marino during the Estate Fiorentina 2018 in collaboration with Museo Novecento and will be held from September in Florence between Forte di Belvedere and Museo Novecento with concerts, screenings, meetings.

It will be “Life and Death of Desire”, lectio magistralis by Massimo Recalcati, among the most famous psychoanalysts, essayists and Italian writers, to inaugurate Tuesday, July 3, at 21.00, at the Fort of Belvedere, “European night”, project conceived and curated by Pinangelo Marino as part of the Estate Fiorentina 2018 in collaboration with Museo Novecento. Scheduled until September, between the Forte and the Museo Novecento, concerts, screenings, meetings with personalities from the world of culture, to try to tell “our time without time”. In the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the sixty-eight, the key words of this edition will be Desire and Revolution.

Sixty-eight affirmed the right to desire. A new generation has claimed the right to speak. What destiny knows the right to desire in our time? Is it a desire for life or a desire for death? Is it This is the starting question from which the thesis of Massimo Recalcati will be based.

Following, will be held the concert “Night Electric” new production by Tempo Reale (Research Center music production and training), with live soundtrack of some exclusive films shot during the most representative moments of the student revolution of 1968. To interpret them, the ZUMTRIO, composed by Francesco Canavese (electric guitar), Francesco Giomi (synthesizers), Stefano Rapicavoli (drums). A between structure and improvisation, the group will relate to particular images that can stimulate a musical research inspired by themes of expressive freedom, welcome and political reflection.


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