10 Jun 2017

Journey in flesh and blood. A story about the world ad personam

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10June 2017



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Travel stories and stories by the writers Martino Baldi, Athos Bigongiali, Bruno Casini and Paolo Ciampi

Curated by Festival del Viaggio 2017, XII edition – Livorno, Firenze, Prato

Come to the courtyard of the Museo Novecento. Choose a writer and follow him. He will tell you about his most incredible journey. For your ears only. A literary first fruit, never tried yet. The project, borrowed from “human books” in which a reader chooses a writer and has a story told face to face, foresees the journey instead of the story. The reader / spectator will thus be able to have one of our writers at his complete disposal to be enchanted directly by the voice of the story.

With the writers:

Martino Baldi
From Pistoia, Palazzeschi Prize 2003 with a thesis on Goffredo Parise, has published in prose Sudden Death of a Night Porter and has chosen the poetic medium to tell the contemporary in the Chapters of the comedy.

Athos Bigongiali
A Pisan writer, he made his debut for Sellerio with Una città proletaria (1989) and subsequently published Warnings against earth sickness (1990), Irish Vigil (1992). With Giunti he published the novels Le ceneri del Che (1996), Ballad for a hot summer (1998), The clown (2007).

Bruno Casini
Florentine cultural operator and mythographer, he was one of the animators
from the 1980s. He has written and edited various books, including Traveling with Litfiba (2009), Felici & maledetti (2013), Sex and te world – Gay and rock’n’roll travel (2015).

Paolo Ciampi
Journalist and writer, he directs the Toscana News regional news agency. He has published many books, including The Clouds of the Baltic (2012), The road of the legions (2014), Holland is a flower (2015), The man who gave us numbers (2016), Three men on foot ( 2017).

Guia Rossignoli
Graduated in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, in 2013 she won a scholarship to the Metropolitan Museum of Art which gives her the opportunity to move to the Big Apple, where she starts a blog on the American experience. He wrote the e-book Planing Slowly Over New York.

Andrea Ulivi
Passionate photographer of poetry. He has published the books Dorigo a Tarkovskij and Nel bianco Giorno. He has often traveled, for work and for pleasure, to Armenia.
Music Proust’s Driver

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