11 Nov 2017

A very lively century

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11November 2017


29April 2018

Museo Novecento

Museo Novecento and la Compagnia Cinema, from November to April, a series of meetings to live the magic of the animated cinema

Museo Novecento is not only sculptures and paintings. Its rooms want to give back the richness of the artistic languages that have characterized the 20th-century; and through the languages born and created during 1900 there is one which is truly loved by children, the animated drawing. From the first experiments, small and refined short films of a few minutes, up to the spectacular “kolossal” of digital animation, cartoons gave life to a world hitherto unthinkable of inventions and fantasy, dreaming of generations of children and posing as one of the most beloved and engaging artistic languages by the audience of all ages.

That’s why Museo Novecento and Della Compagnia’s Cinema present a cycle of seven meetings dedicated to this extraordinary form of art: the appointment offer the opportunity to discover the principal animation tecniques retracing the history of cinema from the beginnings until the last decades of the 20th century thanks to a selections of the highest results reached in the italian and international production.

The cycle – which is dedicated to children, young and their families, grandparents included – offers the opportunity to travel through time looking at 1900 from a new point of view and to understand how the cartoon is the fruit of artistic thought, craftsmanship and technological research.

The program runs for decades and includes two complementary events, the first at Museo Novecento and the second at La Compagnia Cinema; after the screening, accompanied by short comments, the participants will be involved in a laboratory activity on animation techniques curated by Fenix Studios.

The project is born from an idea by Marion Gizard and is curated by MUS.E Association – Florentine Civic Museum, Cinema La Compagnia in collaboration with Fenix Studios.

The 30s

November 11 at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

November 26 at 3.30p.m Cinema La Compagnia

Felix the cat-  Pat Sullivan

Mickey Mouse- Walt Disney

Silly Simphony – Walt Disney

Betty Boop- Dave Fleischer

Popeye- Dave Fleischer

Total duration: 60’

The 40s

December 9 at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

December 27 at 3.30p.m Cinema La Compagnia

Merrie Melodies – C. M. Jones

Looney Tunes- C. M. Jones

Tom and Jerry –  Hanna & Barbera

Donald Duck – Walt Disney

Superman- Dave Fleischer

Total duration: 54’

The 50s

January 3 gennaio at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

January 7 gennaio at 3.30p.m Cinema La Compagnia

Super Bunny in orbit! – C. M. Jones

Total duration: 93’

The 60s

January 13 gennaio at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

January 28 at 3.30p.m Cinema La Compagnia

Mr. Rossi – Bruno Bozzetto

Kimba, the white lion – Osamu Tezuka

Spider-Man- Ralph Bakshi

Total duration: 55’

The 70s

February 10 at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

Lupin III, the castle of cagliostro –Hayao Miyazaki

Total duration: 100’

February 25 at 3.30p.m Cinema La Compagnia

The 12 Labours of Asterix – Goscinny & Uderzo

Total duration: 82’

The 80s

March 10 at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

My Neighbour Torotoro- Hayao Miyazaki

Total duration: 86’

March 25 at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

Kiki – Home delivery- Hayao Miyazaki

Total duration: 102’

The 90s

April 7 at 3.30p.m Museo Novecento

The iron giant – Brad Bird

Total duration: 83’

April 29 at 3.30p.m Cinema La Compagnia

The seagull and the cat – Enzo D’alò

Total duration: 76’

Where: Museo Novecento, piazza Santa Maria Novella 10; Cinema La Compagnia, via Cavour 50/r

Duration: 2 hours circa

For who: familes with children aged 6 to 14 years

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