8 Mar 2017

Humanity (1919)

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8March 2017



Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Screening of the film by director Elvira Giallanella with live soundtrack by Cabeki

Initiative by the Youth Policy and Equal Opportunities Office of the Municipality of Florence

The Councilor for Equal Opportunities Sara Funaro and the President of the Commission for Equal Opportunities Serena Perini will speak

An evening dedicated to the condition of women in society. The Veronese artist Cabeki, alias Andrea Faccioli, will sound live “Umanità”, an extraordinary silent work created in 1919 by director Elvira Giallanella, which allows a reflection on the contribution that women have given to the history of cinema.

The film, made after the First World War, offers a look at pacifist themes and is configured as a humorous, satirical and educational work to reflect on the possibility of creating a peaceful and supportive utopian society. The story is that of the two children Tranquillino and Serenetta, the only survivors of a catastrophe that destroyed humanity. Accompanied as in a fairytale context by a gnome, they wander among the rubble of society
and they find themselves powerless to any attempt to rebuild the world because the signs of violence and destruction are scattered everywhere, even within them. The documentary-style finale alternates images of people at work with pacifist phrases and messages, imagining a new world in which work can be an instrument of unity and pacification. The images will be accompanied by Cabeki’s “sound gears”, which move between conventional and non-conventional instruments, through a sequence of chamber music and minimal electronics with analog effects and mechanical instruments.

Cabeki (alias Andrea Faccioli) is a Veronese artist who previously collaborated with Baustelle, The lights of the power plant and Cisco Bellotti.

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