22 Jan 2019

Tempesta: Francesco Carone’s infinite painting changes face (again)

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22January 2019


11:00 – 20:00

Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

The “Tempesta” presented by Francesco Carone in the monographic exhibition “Ciclope” (curated by Rubina Romanelli, at the Museo Novecento until 28 February) is an endless work, a work that on Tuesday 22 January starting at 11 am will be transformed into a new painting by Riccardo Guarneri.

Tempesta in fact is a real “open work” that Carone has already entrusted in the past to other artists (Eugenia Vanni, Luca Bertolo, Paolo Parisi, Luca Pancrazzi, Marco Neri, Maria Morganti, Alessandro Sarra), each of whom intervened by adding a layer of paint over the previous one. The painting, begun in 2013, will never end, except with the death of the artist, the sole author of the collective work.

On Tuesday 22nd Riccardo Guarneri will be the artist called to speak and the public of the Novecento Museum will have the opportunity to observe the creative process in its infinite unfolding. The preparatory phase of the painting will start at 11 am, Guarneri will perform his work at 6 pm and at 7 pm he will discuss it together with Francesco Carone to the artistic director of the Museo Novecento Sergio Risaliti in a talk open to the public.

Riccardo Guarneri

(Florence, 1933), an Italian artist awarded several times internationally, he began to paint in 1953. After an initial period of figurative production, from 1958 he turned his research to the informal, identifying the research on color as the central theme and gradually arriving to use white in a subtraction process that leads to a rarefied luministic purity. The first solo show was held in The Hague, in 1960. In February 1963 he exhibited very clear canvases at the Strozzina in Florence in which the space is marked by slight variations of light, the result of a graphic work carried out mainly in pencil. Later, Guarneri’s work acquires more and more geometric rigor. In 1966 he participated in the Venice Biennale, to which he will return in 2017.

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