11 May 2016

Silvio Pucci unpublished

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11May 2016



Museo Novecento

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Wednesday 11 May at 5.30pm                           

NOVECENTO PRESENTA Silvio Pucci unpublished

Loredana Gallo in conversation with Emanuele Greco, on the occasion of the temporary and exceptional exhibition of a painting by the artist. 

Born in 1892 in Pistoia, Silvio Pucci made his debut in 1922 at the Fiorentina Primaverile, being remembered in the catalogue as a painter belonging to «the young “avant-garde”» town. Among the artists who joined at the end of the twenties to the group of the Tuscan twentieth century led by Raffaello Franchi, he is the author of landscapes, still lifes and genre scenes often drawn from domestic and popular life. 

The meeting is an opportunity to shed new light on his youthful painting, which is part of the climate of the return to order. The exceptional and temporary exhibition of Scena di ambiente rusticano in Toscana (1924), large painting recently restored, offers in fact the opportunity to closely observe the technique and style of Pucci and to reconsider his activity in the local and national artistic context between the two wars. 

Emanuele Greco

specialized in History and Phenomenology of Contemporary Art, he is currently a PhD student at the University of Florence, where he carries out research aimed at reconstructing the historical-critical context in which the exhibition “Fiorentina Primaverile” of 1922 took place. He mainly deals with art and criticism in Italy in the interwar period. His contributions have been published in various magazines, including «Annals of Art Criticism», «The Black Man» and «Artist». Among his research is the one concerning Giorgio Castelfranco, art historian who had close friendship with Giorgio de Chirico and Alberto Savinio. On this subject we recall the two recent exhibitions he co-curated at the Casa Rodolfo Siviero Museum in Florence: Giorgio Castelfranco da Leonardo at De Chirico. The papers of a Jewish intellectual in the Italy of Fascism (2014) and the «Magazine of Florence». A page of the Tuscan culture of the twentieth century (2015).

Loredana Gallo

is a restorer and conservator of ancient, modern and contemporary works of art, specializing in painting. He collaborates with the University of Pisa and with the CNR of Sesto Fiorentino. The headquarters is in Florence, but often collaborates with American and European institutions on the occasion of exhibitions or preventive maintenance and preservation of private collections. He researches and constantly updates innovative intervention methodologies and studies the technical, material and conservative aspects of paintings in relation to the expressive message. 

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