13 Apr 2016

Rethinking the medium: the phantom of drawing

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13April 2016



Museo Novecento

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Meeting with the curators Cristiana Collu and Saretto Cincinelli

In collaboration with Casa Masaccio and the exhibition Ripensare il medium, they introduce Fausto Forte (Director Casa Masaccio) and Valentina Gensini.

Rethinking the medium: the ghost of drawing, curated by Saretto Cincinelli and Cristiana Collu, traces the eponymous exhibition presented between October and November 2015 in San Giovanni Valdarno. The catalogue contains an unpublished contribution in Italian by the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy extracted from Le Plaisir du dessin, soon to be published.

From the title – which recalls a lucky essay by Rosalind Krauss – the book reveals itself as a non-traditional investigation on drawing and as a reflection on what has been called its ghost. The display, as well as the catalogue, concentrates in fact the reflection on an idea of drawing in the enlarged field (expanded field), referring to different and apparently distant experiences. The choice of bringing together different media (video, animation, photography, sculpture, embroidery, sound design, performance, installation…) refers to the concept of skiagraphia or photographia (shadow writing or light writing) that Pliny places at the mythical origin of the design. In one way or another, in most of the works taken into consideration, the ‘design’ retains a dynamic, energetic and incoative value: dimension that constitutes the foundation (ghost) of the curators’ reflection.

The catalogue and exhibition present works by Giovanni Anselmo, Massimo Bartolini, Massimo Barzagli, Emanuele Becheri, Luca Bertolo, Chiara Bettazzi, Alighiero Boetti, Chiara Camoni, Francesco Carone, David Casini, Giulia Cenci, Connie Dekker, Daniela De Lorenzo, Rolando Deval, Marius Engh, Emma Grosbois, Carlo Guaita, William Kentridge, Ketty La Rocca, Sol lewitt, Paolo Meoni, Franco Menicagli, Oscar Muñoz, Jaume Plensa, Davide Rivalta, Robin Rhode, Andrea Santarlasci, Massimiliano Turco, Ignacio Uriarte, Sophie Whettnall.

The exhibition, held in San Giovanni Valdarno in the spaces of Casa Masaccio, Casa Giovanni da San Giovanni, Museo della Basilica di S. Maria delle Grazie, Palazzo Corboli, Palazzo Panciatichi – MKSearch Art, has been realized with the collaboration of the Centre for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci within the regional project “Cantiere Toscana Contemporanea”.

Saretto Cincinelli

Critic and curator, since the eighties he has collaborated with numerous magazines, such as “Flash Art” (Milan) and “Ars Mediterranea” (Barcelona). I suoi scritti e recensioni sono apparsi inoltre sul “Periodico del Palazzo delle Papesse” (Siena), “El Guia” (Barcellona), “Papers d’art” (Girona), “Juliet” (Trieste), “Next” (Roma), “Arte e critica” (Roma), “Titolo” (Perugia), “Bartleby” (Prato), and in numerous catalogues and monographic publications, including: Tony Cragg BSI Art Zürich, 2006; Daniela De Lorenzo, La Gallera, Valencia, 2008; Paolo Parisi, Museo Pecci, Prato 2009; Soulages XXI, Siècle, Musée de Beaux Arts de Lyon, Académie de France à Rome, Villa Medicis, 2012; La magnifica Ossessione, Mart Rovereto, 2014. Recent exhibitions curated or co-curated include: Confini-Boundaires, Man, Nuoro 2006/2007 (co-curators: Cristiana Collu, Roberto Pinto); the annual exhibition The Immobile Event (2007-2012), promoted by the Man Nuoro museum and Casa Masaccio, San Giovanni V.no, (co-curators Cristiana Collu and Alessandro Sarri); Mark Lewis, Man Nuoro and Museo Marini, Florence, 2009 (co-curator Cristiana Collu); Carlo Guaita. Compendium, Gentili Gallery, Prato, 2009; Emanuele Becheri. Hauntology, Man Nuoro, 2009; Luca Rento, Cairn, Digne, Man, Nuoro, 2010 (co-curator Elena Volpato); David Claerbout, Mart, Rovereto, 2011; Fabula Muta, Casa Masaccio, S. Giovanni V.no, 2013; Andrea Santarlasci, SMS, Pisa, 2013 (co-editor Ilaria Mariotti); Arrêts sur images, Casa Masaccio S. Giovanni Valdarno, 2014; La guerra che verrà is not the first, project by Cristiana Collu, curators: Nicoletta Boschiero, Saretto Cincinelli, Gustavo Corni, Gabi Scardi and Camillo Zadra, Mart, Rovereto, 2014-2015; Luce Coatta: Dischiusure, Artopia, Milano, 2015; Après coup (dischiusure) contemporary art at Ex Lucchesi, Prato, 2015: Carlo Guaita. Urania, Rita Urso Artopia, Milan 2015/2016.

Cristiana Collu

He graduated in Modern Literature in Art (History of Medieval Art) at the University of Cagliari, and then obtained a doctorate in “Museum Studies” at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since 1997 he has been Director of MAN, Museo d’Arte della Provincia di Nuoro, with functions of museum design and realization, administrative management and artistic-cultural program. In 2004 she was awarded the ABO Silver Prize to the best young Italian museum director. Member of the board of directors of the AMACI-Associazione Musei d’Arte Contemporanea Italiani, in 2006 he was awarded by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage as Director of MAN as a place of excellence in the Italian museum scene. From 2012 to 2015 she held the position of director of the MART, Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto and currently (from 2015) she directs the GNAM, National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. Over the years she has joined the museum management to teaching: she has been a professor of History of Contemporary Art at La Sapienza in Rome (2006-2007) and teaches Museum Design at the Universities of Sassari and Cagliari.

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