14 Jul 2018

Nati nel Novecento: and the museum becomes a person

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From July to September at the Museo Novecento

The twentieth century, unlike all other centuries, has a particular feature: many of us have lived and passed through it, shaped it and were shaped by it. It is therefore a historical period of which most of us have a memory and a direct experience: both of historical, political, social events as well as urban transformations and artistic evolutions.

Consequently, the Museo Novecento, which investigates the languages, the protagonists and the forms of the arts of this century, has a connection with its audience – real and potential – absolutely different than other museums: visitors, willing or unwilling, are part of this story and are witnesses of it, in proportion to their age. In the conviction that a museum today finds its completion precisely in the relationship and participation of the public and in the awareness that this “human heritage” – made of stories lived in the first person in the twentieth century – is inevitably, little by little, destined to disappear, the Museo Novecento invites all those born in the last century to make their own contribution: each, young, adult or old, can then bring their own piece of history to give life to a precious “Human Museum”, translating the terms of the now established “Human Library“.

For all the weekends of July, August and September – every Saturday at 16.30 – those who stayed in the city to enjoy the tranquility of the summer months are invited to the museum to share a short story (2 minutes maximum) that is emblematic of the twentieth century: a personal episode, an event, a memory that will help to keep alive the memory of a century now ended. Participants will be asked to combine their story with one of the works of the museum, enriching them – once again – with a new meaning. All the precious contributions will be collected and elaborated giving life to a “digital museum”… that all of us will have contributed to create.

When: every Saturday in July, August and September h16.30

For whom: for all colors that were born in the twentieth century (until 1999)

Where: Museo Novecento

Duration: 1h15′

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