15 Sep 2017

Musicaelettronica.it play900

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15September 2017


14:00 – 23:00

Museo Novecento

Sound installation

PLAY900 is an exclusive and individual sound experience designed for the spaces of the Museo Novecento. The editorial staff of musicaelettronica.it, blog on musical research conceived by Tempo Reale, he has composed three different playlists to listen to while moving freely in the museum rooms through a WI-FI headphone system.

The installation is conceived as an opportunity for free interaction between music and works of art, which activates an unprecedented reinterpretation of the museum’s collection and its open spaces. The first selection includes musical works already present in the multimedia rooms, soundtracked by Tempo Reale: works made by composers active in Florence in the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties.

The second is made up of the winning pieces of the thematic call for works promoted in the last year by the blog, and includes mostly unpublished works. The third playlist is instead dedicated to seminal works by Italian electronic composers of recent decades, starting with the pioneering work of Pietro Grossi, whose centenary of his birth this year and whose celebrations the event is connected to.

A project by Tempo Reale / Music production and teaching research center in collaboration with Museo Novecento.
Concept and programming: Marco Baldini, Daniela Fantechi, Giovanni Mori, Luisa Santacesaria, Giulia Sarno.

In the program of the Estate Fiorentina.

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