19 Feb 2023

Museums in Music

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19February 2023



Museo Novecento

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Museums in Music is back, the project developed by the Florentine Civic Museums and MUS.E and by the Florentine Philharmonic Orchestra La Filharmonie with the aim of stimulating ever new forms of encounter with the arts and culture.

An unreleased program of concerts, built on the history and iconography of Florentine museums and open to the general public which, starting from Sunday 19 February, will once again give the opportunity to take part in a series of exceptional artistic experiences (included in the ticket of entrance to the museums involved in the initiative), in which the visual text and the musical score respond to each other.

The first appointment is scheduled for 19 February at the Museo Novecento (11.30 am and 3 pm), where the works of the Alberto Della Ragione Collection will dialogue with a repertoire of 20th-century music. After a brief visit to the museum’s permanent collection, which boasts masterpieces by 20th-century Italian artists as sophisticated as they are appreciated by the public, the Duo Comancita (composed of Giada Moretti on saxophone and Antonio Saulo on accordion) will present the program The Dancing Colors, with music from Satie to Weill, from Hermosa to Piazzolla in ideal dialogue with the works.

The calendar will continue on March 26 at the Stefano Bardini Museum (at 11:30 and at 15): here the musical proposal will be accompanied by a visit to the evocative Sala delle Madonne con Bambino, with a repertoire inspired by the iconography of Mary. The La Filharmonie trio – composed by Alexandra Grigoras soprano, Stefano Aiolli on cello and Andrea Solinas on harp – will perform selected pieces by Schubert, Mascagni, Elgar and Verdi.

It will continue on Sunday 16 April at the Monumental Complex of Santa Maria Novella (at 2.30pm and at 4pm) where sacred music will be the protagonist with an original reduction for string quartet of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem. Mozart’s latest composition will feed on the representations and sacred ground of Santa Maria Novella, which has always welcomed burials of all ranks and whose secular inscriptions invite us to reflect on the final moment of our earthly life.

Finally, on Sunday 7 May at 3 pm, the stone sculptures of the Salvatore Romano Foundation, where animals appear in large numbers, will act as a counterpoint to the musical narration for adults and children of Peter and the Wolf by Sergej Prokof’ev, which will be performed by the wind quintet La Filharmonie with the narrative voice of Roberta Castelli.

All the appointments include a historical-artistic introduction by MUS.E followed by the musical performance by La Filharmonie, last about an hour and a half and can be used with the regular museum ticket.

Thanks for the precious support: GIOTTO, love brand of F.I.L.A. Fabbrica Italiana Lapis ed Affini; Eagle Energies; Perfume-Pharmaceutical Workshop of Santa Maria Novella; Unicoop Florence.