10 Oct 2020


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11:00 – 20:00


Sergio Risaliti

Art Director

Jacopo Miliani

Artist and curator

Stefania Rispoli


Free admission

On 10 and 11 October Museo Novecento presents MATCH. Praticamente. Two Days on Performance, the first edition of a Festival exclusively devoted to performative arts with the creative direction of Sergio Risaliti and curated by the artist Jacopo Miliani and Stefania Rispoli..

Born on the occasion of the closure of the monographic exhibition Allan Kaprow. I will always be a painter of sorts, dedicated to the great american artist father of Happenings and Envirnoments, the Festival presents an intense weekend of lectures, rounded tables, performances and a screening program hosted between Museo Novecento and Sala d’Arme of Palazzo Vecchio, that aims to stimulate through a plularity of contributions and voices a reflection about the currency of performative’s practices.

In the last decades, both theoretical debate and artistica practice have led museum institutions to test their own coefficient of ‘performativity’, that skill of presenting ourself externally as changing entities, more and more communicative and able to dialogue with the present, the changes of society and the needs that flow from them. The growing presence of performative arts and dance inside museum spaces and programmes can be read following this direction. Actions and performances naturally bond themselves with contempory, can put in action always different formes of encounter and active exchange between spectators and cultural heritage, institutions and territory, reducing distances.

The relationship action-performer-audience has been object of the artistic research by Allan Kaprow, who between the he late 1950s and early 1960s, after a career as a painter, abandons the more tradizional means of expression to devote himself to environmental works and partecipative actions. This is how the first Happenings wereborn thay lay the foundations for a new idea of art, closer and closer to real life. The works of Kaprov, at the forefront of the typical contamination of those years, between theater, dance, performance and visual arts, leave museums and galleries to invade the real space and start promoting an increasing integration between places, materials, time and people.

There is no doubt that this experiments, together with the intense theoretical activity of the artist, have influenced entire generations of artists promoting an idea of art conceptual and spontaneous at the same time, utopian and provocative, political and ironic. The legacy of his thought resides in concepts that are familiar to us, such as on the one hand, the importance of participation – the audience is active part of the artistic creation, therefore an intepreter and not a mere spectator – on the other hand, the idea that art itself participates in real life – the work of art can’t be crystallized in a predefined and stable form of time, but must readapt to contemporary, living in time, in the space and with people.

Today, talking about performance necessary implies passing through the experience of Kaprov and of the other artist of the 20th Century, along with facing with the changes that occured in the sistem and in society in the last decades, until the emergency state perpetrated by the pandemic that led us to a new consideration of human relationships, phisical and emotional, and of the relationship between bodies and places, individuals and shared.

MATCH. Praticamente. Two Days on Performance is born thanks to the collaboration with the artist Jacopo Miliani and intends to put the artists no longer only at the center of the exhibition activity of the museum, but making them protagonists in the building of the theoretical debate and in the cultural production that the museum intends to promote in the territory.


11a.m – 8p.m Cinema Room – Museo Novecento

Screening Program
With video works by Merce Cunningham, Joan Jonas, Allan Kaprow, Cynthia Maughan, Bruce Nauman, Yvonne Rainer

3p.m-7p.m Sala d’Arme – Palazzo Vecchio

Greetings of the Councillor for Culture, Fashion and Design Tommaso Sacchi
Introduction by the Artistic Director of Museo Novecento Sergio Risaliti
Presentation of the program by the curators of the project Jacopo Miliani e Stefania Rispoli

Vittoria Broggini
The Subject and the Other. The language of performance

Maria Luisa Frisa
Fashion-able Bodies. Fashion, bodies, performance

Caroline Corbetta with Emiliano Maggi

Teresa Macrì with Sergio Risaliti
Actions and performance by Jannis Kounellis after 1960


11a.m-8p.m Cinema Room- Museo Novecento

Screening Program
With video works by Merce Cunningham, Joan Jonas, Allan Kaprow, Cynthia Maughan, Bruce Nauman, Yvonne Rainer

10a.m – 1.30p.m Sala d’Arme – Palazzo Vecchio
Rounded table with Francesca Banchelli, Pietro Gaglianò, Kinkaleri, Elena Magini (Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci), Martino Margheri (Fondazione Palazzo Strozzi), Angel Moya Garcia (Mattatoio and Tenuta dello Scompiglio), Maria Pecchioli, Cristina Rizzo, Maurizia Settembri and Maurizio Busia (Fabbrica Europa), Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni (Manifattura Tabacchi)

3.30p.m-8p.m Museo Novecento

Roberto Fassone
How to invent a title
Performance lecture

Jacopo Miliani
Wearing My Tongue
Performance with Valerio Cassa, Matteo Ceccarelli and Maurizio Giunti

Francesca Banchelli
The Fugitive (Apocalipse)
Performance with André Lepecki, Francesco Marilungo and Emiliano Zelada

A special thank to the Artists for Frescobaldi and to Frescobaldi Restaurant Florence

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