25 Sep 2017

Lwcircus Operative Workshop | Landscape Design Methods Based On Social Practices

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25September 2017

Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

Shared strategies and practices for the preservation of natural areas and the enhancement of the cultural landscape

Open lessons in English with:
Lorenzo BRUSCI | Musst | Berlin
Karin HELMS | ENSP | Versailles
Perry LETHLEAN | RMIT – T.C.L. | Melbourne – Adelaide
Christiane SFEIR | MAPE – LU + LWC-MENA | Beirut
edited by: Annacaterina PIRAS + Chiara de ‘ROSSI | LWC-IT
Image by Alberto COLLET | LWC-IRSA | Barcelona
Organization: LWCircus.org

This series of open lectures, curated by LWCircus.org, is part of the shared operational workshop entitled LWCircus-ArnoLab017 running from 21 to 30 September.
The Operative Workshop was conceived with the intention of giving life to ephemeral installations such as light urban furnishings, stopping points and temporary shelters made on site by reinterpreting and assembling together recycled natural materials transported by the whim of the Arno river currents.

An international creative community set up for the occasion drawing on different cultural and disciplinary fields will test, in the specific urban context, through multimedia languages, artistic approaches and spontaneous performative behaviors and making use of the direct participation of local actors and representatives of the institutions responsible for management and safeguarding the river basin, a series of shared practices that look to an urban future in the name of RESILIENCE and INCLUSION in terms of responsible cultural enhancement and sustainable development for the benefit of local communities and the various minorities directly involved in the individual phases of the process shared operational.

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