16 Mar 2016

Lessons of Design 2016

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Fake/true or false? That blurred line that changes in history

What is a fake? What is its possible definition and meaning in today’s society? And in its historical dimension? The fifth cycle of conferences “Design Lessons”, 2016 edition opened on Wednesday 16 March: at the Palazzina Reale in piazza della Stazione, philosopher Sergio Givone and architect and historian Vanni Pasca spoke about the “Definitions” and introduced the theme that will be the leitmotif of the five conferences that will be held, between March and November 2016, at the Palazzina Reale, the Limonaia of Villa Strozzi and the Museo Novecento.

Among the speakers this year there are art historians such as Cristina Acidini and Claudio Paolini; architects and designers such as Luisa Bocchietto and Biagio Cisotti; artists such as Salvatore Iaconesi and Troy Nachtigall; luxury market experts such as Giacomo Santucci.

The term fake is mostly perceived as synonymous with counterfeit with all that this entails in terms of economic and social damage. But this definition does not exhaust the meaning of the term, both today and, above all, history. The boundary between what is false and what is original (true) can be very difficult to identify, and what is fraudulent in a time and culture can be shown to be entirely legitimate and genuine in a different historical and social dimension. What we indicate as ‘false’ takes on different meanings and values depending on the context: in design, dealing with the protection of patents, in fashion, or in the history of art, consisting of replicas, Copies and imitations, and the same and more recent ¿false’ constitute valuable testimonies. And today, how can we interpret all these themes by looking at the open source and open content projects favoured by the Internet, which by their nature must radically review the concept of copyright and the protection of the idea or the patent?

Directed by the association SelfhabitatCultura, Design Lessons enters its fifth year of life. The initiative, designed at its inception by the Isia of Florence and Selfhabitat, has developed over the years becoming an unmissable event for fans of the world of design, for students, designers and designers, in a city full of schools and experiences in the field, but always addressing a large audience, interested in learning more about themes related to living, such as art and fashion.

The project is supported by the City of Florence, Musei Civici Fiorentini, Museo Novecento, Museo Horne, Associazione Design Italiano, Fondazione Architetti Firenze, Ordine Architetti Firenze.


Wednesday 16 March, 5.00pm
Palazzina Reale 
The Definitions
With Sergio Givone and Vanni Pasca

Wednesday 11 May, 5.30pm
Palazzina Reale 
The Reasons of Design
With Luisa Bocchietto 

Wednesday, June 8, 5.30pm
Limonaia di Villa Strozzi 
New Frontiers  
With Biagio Cisotti, Troy Nachtigall, Salvatore Iaconesi 

Wednesday, October 5, 5.30pm  
Museo Novecento 
The Reasons of the Art
With Cristina Acidini and Claudio Paolini 

Wednesday, November 9, 5.30pm 
Museo Novecento 
The Reasons of Fashion 
With Giacomo Santucci