22 Jul 2016

L’Amour fou  

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Museo Novecento

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L’amour fou

As part of the Florentine Summer 2016, the Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema Association offers an exhibition dedicated to some masterpieces of international cinema not distributed in Italy. The cycle of screenings, which takes place between July and October for a total of twelve meetings, includes the presentation of the films in the original version, with Italian subtitles made specifically for the occasion. 


Friday 22 July at 8.45pm
Wrong Rosary 

Screening of the film by Mahmut Fazıl Çoşkun (Tur. 2009). Project curated by Associazione Rive Gauche – Arte Cinema.

The cycle of screenings is inaugurated by Wrong Rosary (min. 90′), the debut film by Mahmut Fazıl Çoşkun, known as one of the leading directors of the New Turkish Cinema. The director began with numerous documentaries and then specialized in fiction, stating “I have a difficulty dealing with the reality. Filmmaking helps me dealing with it by creating a reality of its own”. He currently has two feature films. Both unknown in Italy, have won numerous awards in international festivals. 

Friday 29 July at 8.45pm
The Cremator 

Film screening by Juraj Herz (CZ 1969). Project curated by Rive Gauche Association – Arte Cinema. 

Karl Kopfrkingl directs the crematorium in Prague and believes, through cremation, that he can free the soul of the dead. With the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia it is facing a crossroads, not knowing whether to support the Nazis in exchange for favors or choose instead the path of opposition. Film in the balance between drama and black comedy, The cremator (min. 95′), unknown in Italy, was nominated for the Oscar as best foreign film. Juraj Herz, who has directed a series of films dedicated to Maigret, has successfully participated in various international festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival. 

Friday, August 5 at 8.45pm
I killed my mother

Screening of the film written, directed and starring Xavier Dolan (Can. 2009).

The first work of the young director, who wrote the screenplay at the age of sixteen, I killed my mother (min. 96′), largely autobiographical, tells of the conflict between a homosexual boy and his mother.  The film, which won at the Cannes Film Festival and numerous other Festivals, is the first of a selection dedicated to the Canadian director who, at only 25 years old, has already made five feature films of great success. Winner of important prizes at major international festivals, including Cannes, Venice and Toronto, he is a member of the jury of the Cannes Film Festival presided over by the Coen Brothers. At the same festival, in 2016, he won the Grand Prize of the jury with Juste La Fin Du Monde. 

Friday, August 19 at 8.45pm
Hearthbeat/Les amours imaginaires 

Screening of the film by Xavier Dolan (Can. 2010) 

Hearthbeat/Les amours imaginaires (min. 102′) tells the story of Francis and Marie, two friends who fall in love with the same boy, Nicolas. It’s love at first sight for both of them who try, as in an evil duel, to attract the attention of Nicolas. 

Friday 26 August at 8.45pm  
Tom à la ferme 

Screening of the film by Xavier Dolan (Can. 2013) 

The film (min 105′) tells the story of Tom. The protagonist, who went to the country to attend the funeral of his great love, Guillaume, is shocked to discover that no one knows about him and the homosexuality of the latter except his brother Francis, that violently imposes silence on him, and that arouses in Tom a strange attraction. The film won the FIPRESCI prize at the 70th Venice Film Festival. 

Saturday 3 September at 5.00pm
Katalin Varga 

Screening of the film by Peter Strickland (UK 2009). 

The first film by the talented Strickland, the film is entirely shot in Transylvania. Katalin’s husband learns that his son, who believed him, is actually the result of a rape suffered by his wife. She sets out with her 11-year-old son to settle her grievous past. A film poised between horror and thriller, full of twists and turns.  

Friday 9 September at 8.00pm  

Screening of the film by Semih Kaplanoglu (Tur. 2010) (min 103’) 

Yusuf is a lonely child who lives with his parents in an isolated area of a mountain forest. The father breeds bees, and the child feels a great admiration for him with whom he shares secrets. Yusuf, who can read fluently at home, hangs at school… Semih Kaplanoglu director, screenwriter and producer of his films is a prominent figure in the new Turkish cinema. The film closes the partially autobiographical Yusuf Trilogy, with which the director has achieved maximum popularity. The three films have won numerous awards at international festivals, including the exploit in Berlin, where in 2011 Honey (Miele) won the Golden Bear. None of his films ever circulated in Italy.

Saturday 17 September at 5.00pm 
Sut (Latte) 

Screening of the film by Semih Kaplanoglu (Tur 2008) (min 102’) 

The little more than eighteen-year-old Yusuf and the young mother Fatma live on milk from their cows, but the city where they live is facing rapid industrial development, making obsolete and economically unproductive traditional systems such as those adopted by them. Second film from the Yusuf Trilogy

Friday 07 October at 3.00pm
L’amour fou 
Yumurta (Uova) 

Screening of the film by Semih Kaplanoglu (Tur 2007) (min. 97’) 

First film of the trilogy dedicated to the character of Yusuf. Semih Kaplanoglu for this chapter chooses the atmosphere softened by the fog of the Turkish countryside, far from the bustle of a Istanbul in continuous change. 

Friday 14 October at 3.00pm 
Mr. Nobody 

Screening of the film by Jaco Van Dormael (Bel. Can. 2009) (min. 141’) 

The film tells the story of Nemo Nobody, played by Jared Leto. Man, 117 years old, is the last mortal being on Earth after the human race has reached immortality. Nemo, with faded memories, tells a journalist his main love stories, on different narrative levels that present different possible alternatives to life. The award-winning film was presented with great success at the Venice Film Festival, where it won the Osella Prize. The director, author of films resulting from a long phase of reflection and gestation and made famous by his debut film, Toto le heros, realizes with his third film, Mr. Nobody, his masterpiece. 

Friday, October 21 at 3.00pm 
Unkown pleasure 

Screening of the film by Jia Zhang Ke (Cina 2002) (min.113) 

The story of young people, the story of the suburbs, the story of an exponential growth in China. Divided between dreams of cinema and oppressive reality, the protagonists will look for something without knowing well what. 
Jia Zhang Ke, known in Italy for winning the Golden Lion in Venice with Still life (2006), is one of the leading authors of current Chinese cinematography. 

Saturday 29 October at 3.00pm  

Screening of the film by Sebastian Schipper (Germania 2015) – genere: Thriller. 

Best film winner at the German Film Awards 2015 – Silver Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival – Special selection at the Toronto Film Festival. 
The film is screened at the Museo Novecento for the first time in Italy. 

Rive Gauche – ArteCinema is a non-profit association engaged in the organization of film festivals by theme or author. Among these are the two summer festivals of 2014 and 2015 at the Garden of the Last Supper of San Salvi commissioned by the City of Florence, the review of the New Latin-American Cinema at Spazio Alfieri, with 10 films mostly unpublished in Italy, and a festival of pacifist films on the occasion of the centenary of the First World War. In November 2015 he organized events on Pasolini at Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea and the Museo Novecento. Rive Gauche-ArteCinema has also taken care to bring in Italy films never distributed in our country, providing their subtitling in Italian. In this way he has enriched his reviews with “first absolute visions” or “unpublished author”. In this context, the Association has been called by the University of Florence (Chair of Turkish Language) to organize a series of unpublished films in Italy of the New Turkish Cinema.

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