14 Dec 2015

Tuscan life to modernity: the Florence of the thirties

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14December 2015



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80 YEARS: MICHELUCCI AND THE SANTA MARIA NOVELLA STATION Monday, December 14, 2015, at 4.00pm. Guided tour of the Museum in collaboration with  Fondazione Giovanni Michelucci 

On the occasion of the Ottanta anni di Firenze Santa Maria Novella, the Museo Novecento proposes a focus on the interconnections between the different artistic disciplines, in relation to the critical and designer activity of Giovanni Michelucci. The study, the subject of a special guided tour, starts from the experiments of some Tuscan artists linked to the architect and active in the post-war period, and then focuses on the lively artistic and intellectual climate of Florence in the thirties. We will examine, in particular, the works of Vinicio Berti, Gualtiero Nativi and Venturino Venturi and some documents concerning the figure of Giovanni Michelucci, available through tablets.

The contribution to the first editions of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino by Giorgio de Chirico, Gino Carlo Sensani, Felice Casorati and Gino Severini, whose works are currently being reproduced for conservative reasons, will thus enter into the cultural ferment dating back to the years between the two wars.
Completing the deepening debate inspired by the theme of return to order, arose around important magazines published or otherwise related to the city. The scans of some frontispieces, browsable thanks to tablets, will be put in dialogue with the works of Ardengo Soffici, Giovanni Costetti and Oscar Ghiglia.  

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