4 Mar 2015

Poetry in image/image in poetry. Group 70. Florence 1963-2013

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4March 2015



Museo Novecento

Wednesday, March 4 at 17.30 Presentation of the book by Teresa Spignoli, Marco Corsi, Federico Fastelli and Maria Carla Papini, Campanotto Editore (2014).
Speakers Niva Lorenzini (University of Bologna) and Francesco Tedeschi (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart).

Published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Gruppo 70, the volume collects the proceedings of the Conference of Studies organized in June 2013 at the National Central Library of Florence. The critical essays, accompanied by original works, documents and testimonies, represent a new moment of reflection on the interdisciplinary and interactive character of a creative season among the most complex and exciting of the late twentieth century.

Born in 1963 with the conference Art and Communication organized in Florence at Forte Belvedere, the Group 70 brings together musicians, poets, painters and sculptors (Giuseppe Chiari, Lamberto Pignotti, Eugenio Miccini, Lucia Marcucci and Luciano
Ori, to which will be added later Ketty La Rocca, Emilio Isgrò, Roberto Malquori and Michele Perfetti) and is among the most active realities of the Italian Neoavant-garde and Visual Poetry. In the years of the technological miracle and the development of the mass media, the exponents of Visual Poetry expressly propose to react to the attrition of the word “used in the massive language of our type of society, as a means of alienation of man” with an expressive charge often ironic and political. The authors carry out iconic-textual experiments moving between visual, sound and performative field.

Niva Lorenzini is full Professor of Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature at the Department of Italianistics of the University of Bologna and one of the most authoritative voices of the literary criticism of the second twentieth century.

Francesco Tedeschi is Associate Professor at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, where he teaches History of Contemporary Art. He dedicated his studies to the Italian sculpture of the second Nineteenth Century,  to the art of the historical and post-war avant-garde.

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