11 Oct 2014

The Day of Contemporary Art: October 11

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11October 2014


10:00 – 18:00

In the evocative Parco dei Renai di Signa, on the occasion of the tenth edition of the Contemporary Day promoted by AMACI in collaboration with the Museo Novecento, Albert Mayr revives the Harmonic Path (installation/score inaugurated in 2011) with an exceptional performative event, which invites the public to interact with the landscape and environmental sounds, to discover the aesthetics of Time.

The Path is divided into numerical ratios of the Harmonic Series ranging from 1 to 1/8, whose distances are indicated by colored bands on poles along the route.
The score is freely executable by visitors in both directions, choosing a color and articulating speed, environmental observations, conversations, or more freely according to personal rhythmic patterns.
For the event will be realized a Video of Art, curated by the Archivio Carlo Palli di Prato directed by Stefano Cecchi, which will document the unprecedented group performance through testimonies, interviews and photographs of the artist Carlo Cantini.

Albert Mayr – The harmonic path
Time Design Project
curated by Carlo Palli and Laura Monaldi
Signa (FI), Parco dei Renai, south-east entrance , h 15,30
Event organized on the occasion of the Day of Contemporary Art promoted by Amaci and in collaboration with the Museo Novecento of Florence

Albert Mayr (Bolzano 1943) studied composition at the Conservatories of Bolzano and Florence (diploma 1965). He was a collaborator of Pietro Grossi in the “Studio di Fonologia Musicale di Firenze”. In 1969/70 he was a fellow of the Canada Council, from 1970 to 1973 lecturer at McGill University in Montreal, from 1973 to 1991 at the Conservatory of Florence (Musica elettronica e sperimentale). His work takes place mainly in the fields of music and experimental art, the soundscape and aesthetics of the time. His works have been presented in numerous exhibitions in Europe and North America. Since 1975 he has been dealing, at a theoretical, artistic and educational level, with the aesthetic approach to the management of daily time (time design). In 1985 he made for the RAI the documentary Von Zeiten und Leuten: am Beispiel Sarntal on the times and rhythms of an Alpine valley. He has published die gesprächsrunde (Florence 1992), Zeitarbeiten – A Tempo, numerous essays and edited the volumes L’ascolto del tempo – Musiche inudibili e ambiente ritmico (with A. Colimberti and G. Montagano), Florence 1995, and Musica e suoni dell’ambiente, Bologna 2001.

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