18 Jul 2019

Kinkaleri at the Museo Novecento

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18July 2019


18:30 – 21:00

Museo Novecento

Free admission subject to availability

On Thursday 18 July at 6.30 pm a performance that connects some works from the museum’s collection with the dancing body. The performers will use a particular code that allows you to transcribe the alphabetic symbol on your body.

A site specific performance entitled Novecento that the performers of the Kinkaleri group will present on Thursday 18 July from 6:30pm to 9pm in the rooms that house the permanent collection Alberto Della Ragione, the last of the three events that began in June.

With Novecento, the Kinkaleri group proposes an imaginary journey that connects some works of the twentieth century with the dancing body of the performers, a motor act that involves dynamics, images and “writing”. Yes, because the performers who will perform will make use of a particular code – the CodiceK, invented by the Kinkaleri themselves -, a gestural alphabet that allows you to transcribe the alphabetic symbol through your body, in continuous dynamics in space and time; a choreographic practice where a rigid grid of translation between alphabet and gesture opens up a place of individual freedom by developing all the functions of a body engaged in a movement. The performance, created in the room of the permanent collection of the Museo Novecento, was born with the physical / verbal translation of the titles of the works on display, and establishes a dialogue between the place that contains it and the flow of forms it produces.

A body moves – explain the Kinkaleri – it pronounces through itself what is around it in a gestural proxemic without tension. The body, like the gaze, appropriates the space; no apparent dramatic attempt, only persistence. It draws lines, builds forms, in an extended time; volume towards volumes in the silence of a room dedicated to contemplation, sporadically interrupted by the sound of some letters spoken from his mouth, which, like arrows hit the space, the bystanders, the history of art”.

With the Novecento project by Kinkaleri – says the director Sergio Risalitiwe not only initiate hospitality aimed at the protagonists of research in the national and international performative and choreographic field, because in this case it is also an impact on the ‘body’ of the artistic heritage of the Museum itself. A hermeneutic and creative action that serves to redefine and shape with other languages, other than the exhibition and historical-artistic one, the relationship of the public with the works exhibited in the Museum, acting at the same time on the double term, or register, of collection and permanent, as well as on that of body and alphabet”.


was born in Florence in 1995. The members meet, combining their experiences and previous studies gained in various fields, with the intention of carrying out specific projects, thus soliciting the will to work around concrete ideas and always taking care of all aspects necessary for the creation of your business. Kinkaleri works between theatrical experimentation, research on movement, performances, installations, installations, sound materials, looking for a language not on the basis of a style but directly in the evidence of an object. The group’s works have received hospitality at numerous programs in Italy and abroad, theaters, contemporary art centers, festivals and exhibition spaces including the Triennale / Teatro dell’Arte – Milan, Teatro Fabbricone – Prato, Teatro Grande – Brescia , Sophiensaele and KunstHalle Deutsche Bank – Berlin, Center Pompidou – Paris, Kaaitheater and KunstenFESTIVALdesArts – Brussels, Centro Pecci – Prato, Gulbenkian Foundation – Lisbon, Kitazawa Town Hall – Tokyo, Oriental Pioneer Theater – Beijing, Mercat de les flors – Barcelona, ​​La Batie Festival – Geneva, Santarcangelo Festivan – Santarcangelo, Palazzo Strozzi – Florence, Biennale Danza – Venice, MAXXI – Rome. Since 2001 Kinkaleri has had its operational headquarters in Prato in SpazioK, one of the spaces of the former Campolmi industrial area in the historic center of the city. Since 2013, SpazioK has been a Regional Residence Center, developing artistic paths belonging to the different fields of creation and aimed at the younger generations, is the space also the place of is it my world? And Body To Be, a series of events curated by the company on the arts of the stage. The group currently consists of Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco.

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