15 Jun 2017

Kemp Dreams Kabuki Courtesans

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15June 2017



Museo Novecento

Admission by reservation

Performance by Lindsay Kemp

An IED production in collaboration with Mus.e and Museo Novecento

Mime, dancer, clown, puppeteer, performer and visual artist, Lindsay Kemp has decisively influenced the history of rock with her visionary shows. Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel and David Bowie were just some of his most famous pupils. An icon of international theater, considered one of the great masters of contemporary dance-theater, over the course of his long career he has approached artistic legends such as Nureyev and Fellini, Mick Jagger and Ken Russell with his research.Kemp will be at the Museo Novecento for a performance alongside professional dancers, part of a workshop that led to the creation of some costumes with a Kabuki theme.

Lindsay Kemp

A multifaceted and visionary artist, he combines his commitment in the field of theater and dance with a passion for the visual arts and teaching. Author of an original synthesis between different languages, he founded his first company, The Lindsay Kemp Dance Mime Company, in 1962. Kemp proposes a completely innovative approach to dance and theater, already evident in the Flowers production (1968-1969). His works include Salome (1977), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1980), The Big Parade (1984), Alice (1988) and, later, Onnagata (1991), Cinderella (1994), Variété ( 1996), Elizabeth (2006).

In the program of Secret Florence | Estate Fiorentina 2017, in occasion of Pitti Uomo 92

Credit ph. Richard HaughtonLK

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