16 Dec 2015

Italians in Paris in 1914. The sprouts of “The return to order”

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16December 2015



Museo Novecento

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Wednesday 16 December 2015, 5.30 pm

Italians in Paris in 1914. The sprouts of “the Return to Order” Conference by Andrea Pellegrini

Five Italian futurists spend the month of March 1914 in Paris. These are Ardengo Soffici, Giovanni Papini, Carlo Carrà, Aldo Palazzeschi and Umberto Boccioni. The “memorable expedition” will allow surprising encounters, in particular with Pablo Picasso and Guillame Apollinaire, and will profoundly change the attitude of those travelers with respect to themselves and art: a multifaceted and versatile story in which many experiences blend the pictorial art to literary history, books and novels to magazines and catalogues of exhibitions, letters to autobiographies. The end of the futurist experience and the shoots of a modern classicism are in the background of this Parisian stay, on the threshold of war and the end of a world.

Usually identified by the most traditional literary criticism only in the post-war period, the so-called phenomenon of the ‘Return to Order‘ can be seen in the watermark of this forgotten stay, anticipated by a few years compared to the canonical conjectures, to see it as the summit of the avant-gardes themselves and more aware.

Andrea Pellegrini

is the author of the novels Lettera dalla Norvegia (Fara, 2006) and Come una madre (Joker, 2008), won the XXXII Premio Firenze 2014 – Fiorino d’Argento for non-fiction with the volume The seduction of the classic in the modern years. Italian culture and art from 1914 to 1920 (Helicon, 2014). He teaches Letters at the Hotel Institute “F. Martini” of Montecatini Terme, is a Doctor of Research in Italian Literature and has been dealing for years with authors and themes of Italian culture primonovecentesca.

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