2 Dec 2015

Intersections: Art and Architecture 1963-1978

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2December 2015



Museo Novecento

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Wednesday 2 December 2015, 5.00pm

Intersections: Art and Architecture 1963 – 1978. Marco Dezzi Bardeschi in conversation with Andrea Iacomoni and Fabio Fabbrizzi. 

The sixties and seventies, with the rhizomatic incubation and the widespread explosion of the great collective revolution of 1968, saw continuous and fruitful intersections between the artistic disciplines. The personal and collective experiences of Marco Dezzi Bardeschi become the pretext to deepen the occasional field raids conducted beyond the (labile) traditional boundaries of architectural design. In conversation with Fabio Fabbrizzi and Andrea Iacomoni, we will retrace the events of exchanges and relationships with artists, critics and architects, starting with the exhibition Alternative Attuali (l’impegno delle nuove generazioni)curated in 1963 in Aquila by Enrico Crispolti and Paolo Portoghesi, with tributes to Lucio Fontana, Corrado Cagli and Ludovico Quaroni and the revealing presence of American pop artists.

Projects and exhibitions will be remembered, including the conferences in Verucchio; the Biennale dei Giovani in Paris, curated by Giulio Carlo Argan and Palma Bucarelli, with Lara Vinca Masini and the other artists of the Centro Proposte (1967). The story will also include the Milan Triennale of 1968 (never inaugurated for the occupation by the same artists) and that of 1973, curated by Aldo Rossi; the two Bolognese exhibitions Between Revolt and Revolution (1972) and Avant-garde and popular culture (1975) curated by Gianni Accame; the 1978 Venice Biennale (Topology and morphogenesis) curated by Lara Vinca Masini. The intersections, which continue to this day, will lead to the controversial counter-project for the arrangement of the Halles in Paris (1979) and to the debate surrounding the creation of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Florence at the former Galileo workshops.

Marco Dezzi Bardeschi

(Florence, 1934), student and collaborator of Giovanni Michelucci and Piero Sanpaolesi, graduated in Building Engineering in Bologna (1957) and in Architecture in Florence (1962). Since 1976 he has been Professor of Architectural Restoration at the Faculty of Civil Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where he founded (1980) and directed the Department for the Conservation of Architectural and Environmental Resources. President of the Italian Committee ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) from 2003 to 2007 promoted and organized the Third International Exhibition of Monumental Restoration: from Restoration to Conservation (Milan, Ferrara, Gubbio, Rome, Reggio Calabria, Naples). Academician of the Arts of Drawing in Florence, he founded and co-authored the magazines: NECROPOLIS, PSICON, and ANANKE, culture, history and conservation techniques for the project.

Among his publications: Restauro, punto e da capo: frammenti per una (impossibile) teoria (Angeli, Milano, 1993, now in its eighth edition), Restauro, due punti e da capo (Angeli, Milano, 2006); Cari Maestri, Architetture negate, tradite, dimenticate (Unicopli, Milano, 2004); Conservation and Project, competitions and construction sites 2006-2009 (VeneziaFiere, 2009); Archaeology and Project (Ferrara, Restoration Exhibition 2012); Authenticity: a 50-year trip to Florence and surroundings (Sillabe, Livorno, 2014). Among his works on large monumental works there are the construction sites of the Palazzo della Ragione in Milan, the Classense Library in Ravenna, the Gothic Palace in Piacenza, the Santa Maria Novella Station in Florence, the Castile of Saluzzo, the Palazzo Gagliardi and the Jesuit College (now Scuola Bruzzano) in Vibo Valentia, the Temple/ Cathedral in Pozzuoli (Naples), the Cascina Cuccagna in Milan, the Swabian-Norman Castle in Cosenza, the Castle of Charles V of Crotone,and in progress the tender for the consolidation and recovery of the elementary school “E. De Amicis” (former Hospital) in Piazza S. Bernardino all’Aquila.

Fabio Fabbrizzi

is Associate Professor of Architectural and Urban Design at the DIDA-Department of Architecture of the University of Florence. His theoretical and design research delves into the relationship between memory and contemporaneity in the interpretation of the many characteristics of places, not least the environmental one. Author of numerous texts and scientific publications on the architectural project and its many aspects, he teaches Architectural Design at the DIDA-Department of Architecture of the University of Florence and Preparation and Museography at the School of Specialization in Architectural Heritage and Landscape of the University of Florence.

Andrea Iacomoni

architect and PhD in Urban and Territorial Planning (with specializations at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam, the Federico II University in Naples and the Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pisa) He currently teaches Urban Planning at the University of Florence and Genoa. In parallel to the teaching he carries out professional and research activities, receiving various awards (Premio Gubbio, IQU, De Masi). He collaborates with the editorial staff of sector magazines, including “Arknews”, “Architectures city and territory”, “The journal of architecture”, “Ananke”. He is the author of numerous texts and books, including: Tracce storiche e progetto contemporaneo (2009), Architetture per anziani (2009), Lo spazio dei rapporti (2011), Questioni sul recupero della città storica (2014).

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