18 Apr 2016

Meetings and ambushes

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18April 2016



Museo Novecento

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For Milo De Angelis with Antonio Prete and Luigi Tassoni. Participate Elisa Biagini 

Readings by the School of Poetry of “Semicerchio”.

Some of the most credited interpreters of the poetry of Milo De Angelis, Antonio Prete (Univ. of Siena) and Luigi Tassoni (Univ. of Pécs), present his latest collection Encounters and ambushes, accompanied by the poet Elisa Biagini and some students of the poetry workshop of “Semicircle”. 
De Angelis, linked to Florence by his acquaintances with Piero Bigongiari, is unanimously recognized by critics as the greatest Italian poet of his generation. In 2016 we celebrate his 65 years and 40 years since the release of Similarities, his debut collection, “one of the books that opened a poetic season” (Maurizio Cucchi), a miracle of early maturity that made Andrea Cortellessa write: “De Angelis was born as Athena from the head of Zeus, already an adult and armed”. 
The collection of poetry is published by Lo Specchio Mondadori. Presentation in collaboration with the Associazione Laboratorio Nuova Buonarroti-Quinto Alto. 

Milo De Angelis is unanimously recognized by critics as the greatest Italian poet of his generation. His collections include Millimetri (Einaudi, Torino 1983; Il Saggiatore, Milano 2013), Terra del viso (Mondadori, Milano 1985), Distante un padre (Mondadori, Milano 1989), Biografia sommaria (Mondadori, Milano 1999), Tema dell’addio (Mondadori, Milano 2005),  Quell’andarsene nel buio dei cortili  (Mondadori, Milan 2010). Translator from French, Greek and Latin, he has also written works of fiction and essays on philosophy and literary criticism.

Elisa Biagini, from Florence, is one of the most internationally recognizable Italian poets and translators of recent decades. His most recent book (Da una crepa, Einaudi 2014) won the Marazza Prize. 

Antonio Prete, who taught Comparative Literature at the University of Siena, is the author of famous books on Leopardi and Jabès, translations from Baudelaire and essays on translation theory and literary criticism (Nostalgia. Storia di un sentimento, Cortina 1992) and Prosodie della natura, (Feltrinelli,1993). As a poet he published Se la pietra fiorisce, Donzelli 2012.  

Luigi Tassoni, Director of the Department of Italianistics of the University of Pécs (Hungary) and specialist in Semiotics of Art, is one of the leading experts in Modern Italian Poetry (erotic authors of the ‘700) and contemporary (with essays on Bigongiari, Penna, Zanzotto)as well as being the main connoisseur of the work of Milo De Angelis, whose variants he keeps and archives for a research project. 

The School of Creative Writing of the magazine “Semicerchio”, founded in Florence by Francesco Stella in 1989, hosted lectures and meetings with some of the most important authors of world literature (including Brodskij, Komunyakaa, Wright, Bonnefoy, Koneffke, Ko Un, Bennis, Lahiri, Yong-Ming, Tavares, Graham, Subramaniam) and Italian (from Luzi and Bigongiari to Buffoni, Magrelli and Cucchi, Baricco and Veronesi, Mazzucco and Starucco, Vichi and Siti, Nove and Lodoli). Biagini, De Angelis, Prete and Tassoni are among the teachers who have succeeded in the courses of Villa Arrivabene. School: www.semicerchio.it– Magazine: www.unisi.it/semicerchio 

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